InterValue Team Released the INVE Game Dapp — Fishing Man

Jul 19 · 3 min read

On July 17th, 2019, InterValue officially released the inWallet v4.0.3. At the same time, the dapp game based on the InterValue mainnet — INVE Fishing Man also went online.

INVE Fishing Man is a prize-winning game dapp. Each player can recharge the game gold coins by 100/INVE, and then use the game gold coins for bullets to fish, thus earning more game coins. Welcome to experience!

Game Rules:

Gold coin recharge: 1 INVE is equal to 100 gold coins.

Gold coin withdrawal: 100 gold coins equals 1 INVE.

Cash withdrawal threshold: 100 INVE (10,000 gold coins or more can be withdrawn).

Withdrawal fee: 3%

Bullet costs: 1–7 gold coins, the more expensive the bullets, the larger the fishing nets, the more fish you can catch.

How to play:

1. In inWallet, click “Discovery” -> “DAPP” -> “Fishing Man”. Enter your INVE wallet password and enter the game interface.

2. Click the “充值” button in the upper right corner, then select the number of coins you want to recharge.

3. Confirm and enter your INVE wallet password to complete the payment.

4. Wait for a while, click the “刷新” button in the upper right corner, and you can start the game after the gold coins arrive.

5. If you need to withdraw, click the “提现” button in the upper right corner to apply for withdrawal. The withdrawal of INVE Token will arrive within 1 working day, Customer service free consultation Wechat: inveone.

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