A Woman’s Guide To Save Her Back From Painful Conditions

Over decades it has been realized that women are affected more by chronic back pain then men. It may surprise some of you as the fact is that women follow a healthier lifestyle in comparison to men. They are not exposed to harsh working conditions as many don’t work outside home and those who work don’t work in very stressful occupations. The number of overweight women is quite less when compared with men then what could be the possible reason for reported number of women who visit medical centers for low back pain treatment? For having a better understanding of the underlying reasons to greater vulnerability of women for slipped disc and other back pain problems you should read further.

Women are at least twice as likely as men to develop disorders like herniated or slipped disc. When it was discussed among medical fraternity in Ohio University, the factors that contribute mainly to the prevalence of pain surfaced physiological, biomechanical, psychological reasons. If you think it is one of these then it may not be completely true as it is most likely to be a combination of these factors.

Things Every Woman Should Know About Back Pain

  • Arthritis does not affect only knees, hips and hands. Though they are the most affected regions of body but you should not overlook your back as it is a series of joints that make bending and every movement possible.

Everybody once on life faces some chronic pain but you don’t have to suffer in silence. Talk about it and put it in place. From proper diet to aqua therapy there are many things that can help your condition.

  • Be fitted in your bra. Most of the women may have heard that it is important to wear the right fit for your breast as it supports breast and is good to avoid risk of breast cancer and other serious conditions. But you will be surprised to know that specialized doctors of herniated disc treatment Greenville have recommended wearing the right size of bra for maintaining the right posture of the spine. The discomfort of ill-fitting bra is quite serious.

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