Challenges and treatment for sciatica Patient

What is sciatica?

When the sciatic nerve in inflamed, the condition is known as sciatica. The pain is intense and it often follows the path of your nerve down the back of your legs, thighs, ankle, foot and toes. However, it can also radiate to your back. A patient with sciatic disorder may feel burning, sharp pains. People may also feel nerve sensations such as pins and needles, tingling, prickling, and other sensations. Your leg may also feel numb.

What are the causes?

The cause behind this disorder is herniated disk in the spine that creates pressure on the sciatic nerve. Other causes include tumor, abscess, blood clot, awkward sitting position or any nerve disorders

What are the symptoms?

There are many symptoms of sciatica but every individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms generally include:

  • Lower back pain that radiates down the back and one thigh
  • Pain that extends from the buttock down to the foot
  • Numbness
  • Weakness

The symptoms of sciatica may also resemble other medical conditions. Before reaching any decision, consult a doctor to ensure you need low back pain treatment for sciatica or any other disease.

Treatment for sciatica

For most of the people, nonsurgical remedies and regular exercise can be the best way to relieving their pain. But for people who are suffering from severe pain, a more structured approach is provided, possibly surgery.

For acute sciatic pain, heat or ice packs are easily available which helps to ease the pain.

Nonsteroidal oral drugs are often effectual in reducing or relieving the pain.

  • Epidural Steroid Injections

If the patient is suffering from stern pain, an epidural steroid injection can be used to ease the inflammation.

Alternative treatment

Despite different sciatica treatment, several alternative treatments have been shown to provide effective sciatica pain relief for many patients. Three of the more common forms of alternative care for sciatica includes chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture and massage therapy.

  • Chiropractic/manual manipulation

Spinal manipulation is generally done by skilled professionals such as chiropractors to provide enhanced spinal column alignment. Professionals can create a good healing environment and relieve pain from the root.

Acupuncture and massage therapy are also an alternative to treat pain. Sciatica treatment in Raleigh is one of the best way to cure your pain. With experienced and expert doctors, Raleigh is one of the best destination for treatment.


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Originally published at on April 27, 2016.