Suspend on Macbook 11,2

For owners of Macbook11,2 (Late 2013-Mid 2014 Macbook Pro 15") running Linux (I use Ubuntu 15.10), you may have experienced trouble suspending and resuming. On suspend, the screen will blank, the system will attempt to suspend, then hang. This is due to a chvt call failing.

PM_DEBUG=true pm-suspend

will allows some limited tracing of the call flow. (More on PM_DEBUG)

Skipping the chvt call using:

echo "--quirk-no-chvt" > /etc/pm/config.d/suspend_hacks

didn’t seem to be sufficient for me, as suspend would work, but resume would fail. I needed to disable the chvt call at line 100 of /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/99video as well. I did so using the following:

maybe_deallocvt() { is_set "$QUIRK_NO_CHVT" && return state_exists console || return 0 chvt $(restorestate console) deallocvt63 }

I was however, unable to figure out what the actual root cause here was.

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