Ubuntu 16.04 on macbookpro11,4

My current work machine is a macbookpro11,4 and like the macbookpro11,3 I had before it, I’ve installed Ubuntu on it. Impressively, just about everything works out of the box. There’s a few key notes though:

  1. The machine I have does not have the discrete Radeon, so it uses the plain old i915 display driver. I’m not sure how well the Radeon plays, and whether the graphics switching functionality works well.
  2. The WiFi driver uses the brcmfmac module now, not the old bcmwl module.
  3. Suspend doesn’t work out of the box. This is due to a quirk in the Linux pci kernel driver. There’s more information available about it on Launchpad, and the Linux kernel bugzilla. Long story short, you need to compile your own kernel with the patch listed in the links. I’m currently using a mainline kernel with the patch and a custom kernel config.
  4. The webcam (still) doesn’t work. There’s no driver available, although someone has attempted an open source reverse-engineered driver here. I’ve yet to get this to build and run.
  5. Thunderbolt hotplug doesn’t work with the Apple Cinema display series. The display will initialize if it is plugged in before the machine boots, but not if hotplugged after the machine has been booted first. I strongly suspect this is due to some nonstandard Apple handshaking being expected.
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