Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

I’ve decided to write this because I felt that it was much more conducive to do than a social media rant.

It’s Sunday, October 9th, 2016 7:02 pm and I just want to start this by saying that at this point, I’m over social media, and I’m over the cyber mafia known as “Black Feminism”.

I‘m to the point where if I even see another black woman with “feminist” in her bio, I assume that she’s petty and that I should not associate with her publicly or privately.

If you haven’t seen/read the news already, Birth of A Nation has flopped in the box office and we have black feminism, which is just fancy cyber vernacular for “I hate black men because I always choose the wrong types of black men to entertain” and their male minions to thank.

This is pretty unfortunate to say, as a woman, especially in the world we live in where there is much negative stigma attached to being a black woman and being a black woman myself.

When I first was introduced to black feminism as teenager and through social media, I was expecting sisterhood, I’m not sure what kind, but that’s what I was expecting. To my disappointment, “black feminism” was mostly a degree “toting” (pun intended), shea butter product selling, “cis-hetero” black men loathing, gay black man loving, promiscuity endorsing, white man dating, shade throwing, mention mobbing mafia, that occasionally makes great points concerning the mistreatment and the overall conditions of black women that they refer to as “misogynoir”.

If I hadn’t of witnessed this for years prior, I’d just may have been on the Nate Parker hate bandwagon but I did so I’m not and no, this is not saying he’s not guilty.

Anyhow, let’s rewind time back to when this drama kicked off…

I remember in early August of this year, scrolling down my Facebook feed and seeing many clickbait style viral articles about Nate Parker having a white wife from black catered gossip bloggers and sites.

Sidenote: If we are to celebrate any heterosexual black man’s success on social media he must be “CB4 blackity black” but not so much he’s considered Hotep, he must also be married to a black woman, even if you’ve posted on social media about “getting a Caucasian John when Jerome doesn’t work out to avoid stress, poverty and headache”, he must also be a simp, a male feminist, in proud support of black transgendered women, encourage prostitution, now formally known as sex work and move to the beat of the perverse Black Feminist drum.

Examples of the articles aforementioned:

Article #1: Twitter Just Found Out Nate Parker Has A White Wife, Now Questioning His Wokeness. Originally published by Bossip.

Article Highlights: “Nate Parker gained a gazillion Black points when he set out to create the rebel slave Nat Turner’s biopic, A Birth Of A Nation.

But now that Twitter is finding out that he has a white wife, he is losing those points” — Posted at 1:39 AM on August 6, 2016 — By Bossip Staff

Sidenote: The fact that this article was published at 1:39 AM is just petty within itself. Anyhow…

Article #2:

Mixed Twitter Reactions (Some Old & Some Newer)

This tweet points out an interesting flip from a tweeter when she found out he was married to a white woman. At first he was “gorrrrrrrrrrrrrl” fine and then…not so much.

Sidenote: Social media has singlehandedly become the reasons I barely take compliments serious anymore.

For more tweets just click here for the official Twitter search.

Fast forward: After a slew of gossip sites published the information about his wife being white, about 10 days later, the cyber attack then moved up to the Black Feminist academia who write for mainstream media publications such as The Atlantic, Teen Vogue, Huff Post, TIME (who’ve they’ve begged for inclusion btw) and others and the next thing you know, the accusations of homophobia were birthed and information as well as legal documentation about his former rape case came up.

Sidenote: This is what bored black women on the internet who don’t like you do by the way.
They can find your address, who your baby father’s great-great grandfather is and what plantation he was on, validate your college degrees, find out how many evictions you have, your previous jail mugshots, pay $19.99 to Intelius for access to your private records etc,

After the “Black Girl Goodfellas” aka Black feminists added the more gasoline to the fire, upset that their “gworrrrrl he so fine” contender was married to a “Becky With The Good Hair” and apparently saying some questionable things about they gay men that they love more than themselves, white journalists had began to “surf the hate wave”, which gave them 100x more credibility because of the reputations of these larger platforms. (Also because they’re white platforms and, as you should know white people are always more credible.)

Sidenote: That was sarcasm. (-_-)

Example Articles:

This particular article, published via Ebony, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The tone of his responses in this interview didn’t sit too well with the BG GoodFellas/Black feminists. It went on to go viral and spun off via white media.

Via The Daily Beast

Via Variety

Then this OP-ED article from LA Times with Gabrielle Union, a black woman and star in the film gave the BG Goodfellas/Black Feminist, the remainder of the ammunition that they needed.

Now lets fast forward a little more,

I found this very interesting discussion on the IMDb forums (read full thread here)…

User IboChild on August 25th astutely notes that 72.4% of the votes were either 1 or 10 prior to the commercial release of the film, majority being clearly negative due to its now 5.4/10 rating from 3,462 users. ( The film was just released two days ago on Friday October 7th)

It wasn’t enough for both black women oriented and white media platforms to have a field day with “propaganda pieces” disguised as think pieces with rumors and a former court case, they decided to head over to the Internet Movie Database “knuck if you buck” together and plunge the ratings BEFORE the film’s release.




Am I defending Nate Parker? Some will say yes, but I’d say no. What I’m trying to convey here is the dangers of social media when you’re black, productive and visible in general and how our communal general consensus is solely based upon likability.

The moment you’re disliked as a black person in the social media era, you’re as good as dead. We tend do everything in our power to tear down the most capable within our race and then we cry and protest for justice because after the best, creative and brightest have been condemned, mobbed against or assassinated we’re left with the weakest links, a bunch of people who may just have gotten a degree but their real life skills are usually limited to writing gossip articles, shade filled social media rants, holding aimless protests and shea butter lip balm making, these are not real world skills and none of these has ever or is going to push any culture forward.

I wouldn’t have wrote this article if I felt we like in place of Nate Parker, we’d have many others more able and other black directors, creatives and makers getting spotlight and recognition, that we supported beyond tweets, and articles. (Take Queen of Katwe’s flop for example despite all the social media “love” for Lupita Nyongo,or Solange’s so called #1 album that sold 42,000 copies first week, that was very masterful btw,while her sister Beyonce went platinum the very first weekend of her release, the difference? having the “support” of the great hype vehicle aka the black community vs having the support of the actual money train aka white people.)

We rarely support anything beyond lip service and this is my #1 issue. I honestly feel as though the people who rallied to boycott this film would have bootlegged it anyways, Thus behooving me to ask, why the hell are we so mad to begin with? Pretentious outrage much?

Sidenote: We are lip service specialists. This is usually the main reason why we cannot progress forward without white people. Lot’s of talk but little to no massive action unless we can destroy someone or something.

As a Recap + My Main Issues:

  • I am not defending Nate Parker as a rapist, homophobe just simply pointing out how destructive, petty and pretentious fellow black women can be online. I’ve seen this happen plenty of times but I’m using Nate Parker to prove my point because this situation provides the most proof + angles to do so.
  • The fact it took white media to give the film the platform and promotion it initially gained, is also a problem in itself not to mention that he sold his rights away for just $17 million when we have many black millionaires which shows me that as a race, we just might not make it anyways, always having to beg or need white people. $17 million will produce another low budget film at it’s finest and is not much in the grand scheme of things.
  • The quick flip and switch, and the fact that people went to start digging into this man’s life because he was “gworrrrrll fine” only to be disappointed and channel a tornado ill-will towards him because his wife wasn’t black is another issue especially since 6/10 of them have white boyfriends or husbands.
  • The hypocrisy with shading the white woman he’s married to but caring so much about him raping one.
  • The fact that this media assassination didn’t start with genuine concern for him being a rapist but black women’s typical and infallible jealousy.
  • This is probably the last black revolutionary film that will ever go mainstream because now, it has proven to not be profitable and worth the investment (Example: Danny Glover’s Haitian Revolution film he couldn’t get the proper funding for and if he does, they’ll probably find some dirt on him too). For those of us who do like action, we’ll now be stuck with the black soap operas, movies and about swirling and other media that appeals to feminists.

It would be one thing if we destroyed to rebuild but, all we do is destroy and social media amplifies this cycle, especially with black women.

And to Black women…

We are petty, we are insecure, we are destructive, we have more social and political power than our male counterparts than we’d like to acknowledge and we need to use it better.

And if you think that I’m being paranoid or a just “trying to put my sistas down”…now “they’re” mad that the guy that plays Luke Cage has a white wife after a week of fanaticism and “gworrrrllll he fine” also…


With that being said, Black radical feminists are just a different breed, imo. They could really be doing some serious educating on black women’s issues, literature, art, history etc but being cyber bullies, petty and nonsensical online instead.

P.S. If it doesn’t apply, let It fly.

Update (October 14th 1:09 AM):

Thanks for all the feedback both positive and negative. I just want you all to know that I stand very firmly in my opinion, I have not changed my mind, I will not argue with anyone, respond to attacks, nor do I apologize for anything that I’ve said.

Anyhow, if you’re interested there’s a Part 2 of this article entitled How Twitter Feminists Sabotaged ‘Birth of A Nation’ where I break my thesis down further.

Much love to you all.


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