I quit my Job today to pursue my passion and start a company

Cofounder of Milieu Luisa Ji and I

Today I quit my job with the Government of Canada. I am no longer a public servant to Canadians at the Treasury Board with a term position and a decent salary (even if I couldn’t get paid for months at a time due to Phoenix). Though I loved the people I worked with (whom I consider mentors and have the utmost respect for) and the job itself enabled me to grow and gain new skills, it was time.

How do you know when the right time is — to run with a vision, bring together a team and build a company?

Everything in life is timing, delivery, and strokes of luck mixed with happenstance. Like a perfect cadence, or the intuitive moment that reveals something to us, the right time to jump in and chase a vision is NOW, and only you will know your own personal now.

Everyone will tell you something different and try to give you advice. My advice is, take the leap and jump right in. If you think it’s risky, everything in life is risky, what matters is that you constantly ask yourself the question: what am I doing this for and does it make me happy?

How do you know you’ll get where you want to be? The short answer is you don’t, but it doesn’t matter

It doesn't matter because you are simply going to start doing it. What that means is that day in and day out you will push yourself to chase your passion and actualize a vision until it ceases to exist anymore, or another vision guides you somewhere else. Ultimately, what matters is the journey, not where you arrive but the process that shaped you and others along the way. Rest assured, you will grow and from growing you will arrive somewhere.

What is going to get you where you need to be is the people you surround yourself with, your will to persevere, constant vigilance, and the mentors that support, guide, and motivate you (I am forever thankful for everyone that has supported us and continues to do so).

I do not know what 2017 will bring or the year after that, but I do know that with a dedicated, passionate, and hungry team I will get where I need to be.

MilieuCities, here I go.