It Has to Be Said

Remember Little House on the Prairie and the bonnets the White women wore? Historic head coverings weren’t a problem for real or fictional White women. Why are they a problem for Black women? Image: Getty.

Throughout the decades of my life as a Black woman, I have worn nearly every hairstyle known to humankind. I spent my childhood quivering at the sizzle of a hot comb that transformed my hair into neat plaits or ponytails. …

Illustrations: Dani Pendergast

WWhether set in the lush, turquoise plains of an Earth-like planet several centuries in the past, or rooted in an artificial intelligence-dominated apocalypse 50 years into the future, there are common threads within science fiction and fantasy.

Imaginative realms.

Epic adventures.

Fervent fandom.

And let’s not forget the most common…

Kyra Kyles

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