Being Honest

A simple task that can have massive pay-offs.

The one thing l ask of our clients is to be honest, be honest with yourself, be honest in your workouts and be honest with your trainer. Being honest is massive how can you move forward if you just lie to yourself about the situation we never like it when someone lies to us or when our kids lie.

Then why do we as adults make up such BS?

Why can’t we be honest with each other? I know I prefer to be told the truth because it does always come out in the end. How can we be honest to ourselves if we aren’t honest with each other?

Being an adult is hard and I often hear the phrase ‘I don’t want to be an adult today.’ Sometimes in life we do need to stand up and be honest about a situation or an issue that is going on otherwise our lives will become unpleasant and we won’t want be around anybody.

Standard up and be honest, be honest with the people in your lives but most importantly be honest with yourself and take some ownership. Be honest with counting reps (yes, people do know when you short change them) yes that was me or I don’t like that or yeah I still have a set to go whilst everybody else has finished.

You never know where it could lead you, but I know it will make you a stronger person.

Its your decision to make.

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