We are alive!! Hello! A little update!😃👋

At intimate.io we’ve been keeping lean in order to stay warm through the crypto winter. It’s been a long time between drinks, and now it’s time to drink!

Champagne Worthy 🍾🥂

intimate.io is listed on Bittrex International!

It took longer than we thought to get our listing hot, but after persistence and gentle repetition, she came. And it felt amazing!

As bittrex have recently moved their operations to Liechtenstein trading is unavailable while we provide an updated legal opinion. Keep an eye on telegram!

Our Journey so far

From the start intimate has…


We recently discovered a critical bug in the ITM contract which in certain conditions prevented a new address from immediately sending it’s full balance to another address.

To rectify the issue we have deployed a new token contract and have airdropped the existing token balances, including vesting contracts to all ITM holders.

You will have automatically received the new token, however depending on the wallet software that you are using the new token contract may need to be manually configured.

You will need to change the configuration of the ITM token address to ‘0x7e9Bf742ACd4Af1f419104CF6d22A36315142b87’ from the previous ‘0x1dbed266d20d27d0bd1c4707fc002defe7e0267b’


Rachel Payne — General Manager, Eros Association

Rachel Payne is a passionate advocate for progressive social change and common-sense in politics. With a long history working in and for the adult industry, Rachel is the General Manager of Eros Association, an Australian industry association advocating for small business and campaigning on issues of personal freedoms, censorship, discrimination and equality.

Rachel is also a political candidate for Reason Australia, running for the federal seat of Menzies. The Australian federal election is set for 18th May.

Rachel Payne is running for the seat of Menzies in the Australian federal election on 18th May.

The Reason Party is a new and forward-looking movement for inclusive change in Australia. Founded in 2009 and formerly known as the Australian…

Bella French — Co-Founder and CEO, ManyVids

ManyVids is the fastest growing adult community in the world with over 2.3 million active members and more than 60 thousand independent content creators producing, promoting and distributing content via video-hosting and live-streaming services.

Heavily invested in philanthropic initiatives, the platform prides itself in being an inclusive place where adult workers can fight for equality, celebrate diversity, speak out against serious issues such as violence and abuse perpetrated against performers — and ultimately — thrive independently.

Co-founder and CEO of ManyVids, Bella French, is quickly becoming one of the most influential faces of SexTech.

Bella French, co-founder and CEO of ManyVids, is a proud entrepreneur, activist, media personality and model. As the creator and frontline leader of a…

Juicy Jay — Founder and CEO, JuicyAds.com

Juicy Jay, Founder and CEO of JuicyAds.com, spent many years as an unknown whale affiliate marketer before building JuicyAds and himself into an icon in the adult industry. He is known for his generosity and good business ethics in an industry that is gaining more and more mainstream acceptance.

Juicy Jay, Founder and CEO, JuicyAds

Even if you have never heard of JuicyAds, if you have browsed an adult website in the last 13 years, chances are you have seen advertisements provided by JuicyAds. Behind the scenes, however, he and his company have a very active social mission, responsible for commitments exceeding $65,000 to a wide…

What is LIVE?
The intimate.io cryptocurrency payment plugin is available for download and install now at the WordPress plugin repository.

The plugin has been operational for a few months via direct integration on CryptoSmiles.Store but we held off submitting the plugin to WordPress until we had updated our help documentation.

This means that any adult website using WooCommerce on Wordpress can now download and install the intimate.io cryptocurrency payment plugin to offer their customers the option to pay in crypto.

While our focus is on serving the Adult Industry, if you have a vanilla website on WooCommerce and you too…

This Q&A series celebrates those visionaries who were the first in the world to buy a Smile Maker at CryptoSmiles.Store and demonstrate their commitment to the future of crypto payments and mass scale adoption.

We first met Justin Campbell back in February 2018, when he saw intimate.io in this Sydney Morning Herald article. Since then, he’s been a fabulous friend and tireless supporter of our project. A sharp libertarian, Justin has written about his political philosophies for a range of publications including Quillette and Penthouse Australia. …

Something happened this month that reminded everyone at intimate.io — why we do what we do.

Returning to our Philippines HQ after a week in Hong Kong for Asia Crypto Week, intimate.io co-founder, Leah Callon-Butler, was detained by Filipino border police and searched for over an hour. Her passport was taken and she was charged with bringing illegal goods into the country.

Those illegal goods were a stack of Smile Makers vibrators that she and fellow co-founder, Nathan Smale, had been lugging around the world to sell at crypto events for the purpose of demonstrating the recently-launched intimate.io payment gateway.

This Q&A series celebrates those visionaries who were the first in the world to buy a Smile Maker at CryptoSmiles.Store and demonstrate their commitment to the future of crypto payments and mass scale adoption.

Sam Davies is a self-taught expert in all things cocktails and BBQ — and — leader of the motley crew at Digital Noir, an agency based in Adelaide, South Australia, that creates beautifully engaging digital experiences. Sam caught up with intimate.io co-founder Leah Callon-Butler at Pause Fest 2019 to riff on everything from Facebook privacy breaches to buying sex toys with crypto.

Eavesdrop on their chats…

This Q&A series celebrates those visionaries who were the first in the world to buy a Smile Maker at CryptoSmiles.Store and demonstrate their commitment to the future of crypto payments and mass scale adoption.

At Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019, Jaide Barclay jumped at the chance to buy herself The Frenchman with ETH. This energetic and optimistic Aussie has thrown herself into the burgeoning world of blockchain with a 12wk challenge where she isn’t allowed to buy anything unless it’s with crypto…

Follow her adventures on Instagram (her handle is @jaideb18).

At 3-O’Clock Coffee, the 1st blockchain restaurant in China. Hualianfa Building, Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen.

Everyone has a story about how they fell ‘down…


Intimate provides the Adult Industry with the same trust and security other industries take for granted.

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