In Pictures: The First-Ever White House Campout
Michelle Obama (Archives)

Dear Mrs. Obama,

There is a certain beauty of our government that is too rarely revealed and shared with its citizens: that grace of our White House, in the elegance of its affairs, the tranquility of its grounds, that cherished nest as a symbol of our enduring and unequaled freedom. And yet, how few are our opportunities to feel it’s embrace. How rare our chances to connect with our President and First Lady in supporting and promoting the values we celebrate in our neighborhoods, our schools and churches, our sacred public spaces. I am so happy for these fifty young women to have shared this experience with you, and I thank you for the many events you have organized to ensure our collective American heritage is celebrated amidst the welcoming arms of the White House. Should I ever be so fortunate to lead California, my home State, I will look to your Let’s Move initiative as a blueprint for changing the very nature of how public officials abstract themselves too far from the people that need to see and hear from them most. We need government AND gardens, town halls AND tents, healthcare AND hugs… we need government that opens its arms to people long after the fundraisers, opens its grounds as the truly public spaces they are, promotes discourse and dialogue, and gets out of its bubble to ensure it never forgets where it really came from, and why it’s really here. With all my heart, thank you for doing your part with a First Lady’s grace and a Mother’s love.

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