How to fix 3E error on Samsung washing machine

We are the best washing machine service center in Bangalore. Our technicians are fixing the error of all kinds of the branded washing machine. Today I prepared the topic is Samsung Washing machine 3E error.

How to fix 3E error on Samsung Washing machine:

1. Unplug The Washing Machine:

Unplug the washer for 2–3 minutes. If the fault is displayed because of an electronic glitch, or conversation difficulty, unplugging the washing machine for several minutes may additionally likely reset the digital panel. Make positive to go away the washer unplugged for at least 2–3 minutes. Leaving unplugged for that long will permit the capacitors positioned at the revealed control board will discharge. Letting the capacitors completely discharge is the high-quality manner to reset those digital manage forums.

2. Check Wire Connections On Drive Motor:

One pretty commonplace trouble that causes the 3E blunders code is connection problems. To do so you will need to get rid of the small returned get entry to the panel to look the motor and connections. On the back proper facet, you’ll see the motor and the motor twine harness. If this becomes my call I might put off the connection and test the inside of the Molex connection. Sometimes the contacts in the contain burn/melt. If that check top examines the primary numerous inches of the wire as it leaves the Molex connector. I’ve seen the wire smash a couple inches away from several instances. I’m not certain if it’s from pressure or friction but I’ve seen it a pair times so double check that.

3. Check Wire Connections On Control Board:

The control board could probably have a faulty wire connection or loose connection. Not very common at the least not in my region but it may occur so It’s really worth mentioning. Double check each connection on the control board. Make positive each connection is tight and the wires are not pinched are burnt anywhere. Again if this changed into my carrier call I would remove each cord one after the other and plug lower back in making sure each wire connection is seated tightly. That just guarantees the whole thing is right and sound and one greater factor is dominated out.

4. Check Hall Sensor:

The hall sensor at the back of the washer video display units the speed and route of the bath. The sensor can be out of variety or it could actually have a defective wiring connection. I’ve additionally seen the twine harness at the motors hall sensor ruin. I know of different technicians who’ve visible the same issue. Double take a look at the hall sensor. If you’ve got a multimeter, you may ohm the sensor out. You can ohm the sensor out from the board or immediately on the sensor. If you examined the corridor sensor from the board, that could rule out a damaged twine at the identical time. That’s usually how I test these hall sensors. You don’t just slide the unit forward and you can test it from the front.

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