It’s all about understanding the other person

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Relations aren’t tough. We are.”

Ugh. It happened again.

You were super-angry with your spouse and now you are super-tensed about it.

You’re feeling guilty. You didn’t want to shout at her, but you did.

Shouting (unnecessarily) at your spouse can eventually destroy your relationship.

Do you know how many times you become mad, or worse shout at your spouse in a month?

An average adult gets mad 30+ times in a month.

I was mentally disturbed in my 20s due to a big transitional period I had to go through — I had to choose my career and earn quick to support my family. …

Happiness starts from within…

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Back in 2002, I was in high school.

I had to change my school due to my dad’s job post-change. We shifted to a remote area where there was very little opportunity for my schooling. The only option was a missionary school that was run by monks.

I’m an extrovert and that helped me to make friends and blend with the new environment.

I thought the school would teach us about the monk lifestyle and other superb inner-peace stuff. I was super-happy.

My mother was always late to take me home from school. And I got to spend my leisure by gossiping with my teachers. …

These might even hold you back

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Programming is a mystery to most of the people, especially for those who intend to be a programmer in the future. And the misconceptions and myths make the path more confusing to all.

A huge number of learners skid from the path of learning even before starting just because of popular myths. Also, there are many learners whose hearts get broken whenever they find programming is not what they thought or saw in popular TV series or in digital media.

I also had many misconceptions about programmers and programming before starting my journey.

Among a bunch of myths, I sorted out 6 myths that are highly known and popular among us. And I would love to break them you. …


Intisar Mahee

An Engineer by degree, Digital Marketer by profession & Photographer by passion. Love to Read and Write about my new learnings. Most importantly, A Happy Soul.

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