International Expansion Weekly News — 11/21/2016

Here are key quotes from the top international expansion stories from the past week!

Amazon Gearing Up for Global Launch of Streaming Video Service (Wall Street Journal)

  • “The e-commerce giant likely will expand its video service into about 200 countries and territories…Amazon Prime Video is only available now in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Austria and Japan, with a planned launch in India.”
  • “[Netflix] expanded into 130 countries in January, reaching a near-global footprint of more than 190 countries.”
  • “The two streaming providers have differed on their international approach until now. Netflix has bought shows and movies that will make a splash globally, with themes that appeal to all audiences. Amazon has been building up its video service deliberately in just a handful of markets by hiring local teams and investing heavily in regional original series.”
  • “Amazon’s global rollout will likely lead to higher costs — potentially on the order of $4 billion to $5 billion in annual outlays on video, according to Ampere Analysis.”

Snow, Asia’s Snapchat Clone, Sets Sights on Global Expansion (Bloomberg)

  • “Snow, based in Bundang, South Korea, mostly replicates Snapchat’s features”
  • While the article doesn’t state which markets Snow plans to enter, “Kim Chang-wook, Snow’s chief executive officer, said…”[they’re] moving fast to make sure [they] have leadership in Asia first.””
  • “with more than 80 million downloads, the Snow app has been near or at №1 among downloads for iOS and Android phones this year in Japan, Singapore and South Korea, according to App Annie…Snow has also taken off in China, where Snapchat is blocked.”
  • “Snap Inc…hasn’t made any significant inroads in Asia, and ranked below 450 by downloads last week for iOS and Android in Japan and Korea”

China’s Didi partners with car rental giant Avis ahead of planned global expansion (TechCrunch)

  • “China’s Didi Chuxing revealed last month that it has plans to expand into global markets and today…announced a tie-in with U.S. car rental giant Avis.”
  • “The partnership will see Avis introduce an option for booking cars overseas — in 175 countries, to be precise — inside the Didi app. The option is strictly for booking rental cars, not chauffeured cars or taxis.”
  • “The upshot is that Chinese tourists who are traveling abroad get a fairly convenient way to plan their travel once they land”
  • “the initial integration will go live in early 2017 ahead of Chinese New Year at the end of January. (That makes sense since many Chinese travel overseas for the holiday period.)”
  • “this “strategic partnership” does not include any investment on either side.”