Kyani — Overview of the Company & Its Products!

Kyani — It is a health & wellness network marketing company. Founded by Carl Taylor, Kirk Hanson and Dick Powel along with his wife, the company offers a wide range of health supplements and super foods. The Scientific Advisory Board of Kyani consists of well-known doctors as well as scientists who have dedicated their lives in making advances in medicine and science, achieving health and wellness and helping people live a better life.

Kyani products:

Kyani offers several health products such as Kyani Sunrise, Kyani Sunset and NitroFX, to name a few. These products contain the powerful Alaskan blueberry that is said to be 48% more potent than normal blueberry.

· Kyani Sunrise is a concentrated blend of 11 superfoods. Besides containing the powerful Alaskan blueberry, it has antioxidants as well. This health product is designed to maintain a healthy heart, ease stress, increase energy, strengthen the immune system and facilitate brain function.

· Kyani Sunset contains Tocotriends and Omega 3. This product lowers cholesterol as well as support a healthy heart. Along with this, Kyani Sunset maintains healthy cholesterol, reduces inflammation, improves brain function, improves cardiovascular health and promotes healthier skin and hair. This product has shown many of the same health benefits as the prescriptions drugs without any side effect.

· NitroFX is a Nitric Oxide supplement designed to boost energy, promote a blood sugar balance, increase blood flow, improve sexual health and promote healthy heart. This health supplement comes with a pipette which is used for dispensing.

All these products are shaping the lives of people all around the globe.

Positive Results One Can Expect from Kyani Products:

1) Stress relief and improved mood

2) Better appetite and metabolism

3) Improved cholesterol levels

4) Radiant skin and shiny & healthy hair

5) Improved memory

6) Better cardiovascular health

7) No dry skin