Creating Effective Typography is Must For Any Website Design Company

When someone goes to the website design services, first they notice about the ‘text’, colors, images, and sounds are secondary. Good typography plays a vital role in the success of any website. It can make text easier to read. So much of web design services comprise the text, it is, in fact, the success of your website.

Any talented website designer likes to use typography to explore the interaction with how it appears. Also in some places, typography is all about the visual effects rather than the text. The effect of any responsive web design company depends on this.

The basic rules that you must consider for typography include-

1 Start with the basics

The first step towards effective typography is to learn about art. Typography is quite complicated and it is as much science as it is art. Its anatomy involves jargon, precise measurements and some general standards that must be respected. Making the letters quickly gets complicated.

If you want to learn typography, you can easily learn online. Taking some time to learn the basic principles will make you aware of the characteristics of the typefaces you choose.

2 Watch out with your kerning

Kerning is something that lots of website developers, be it new or old, overlook completely. Most of the designers consistently lack their effort regarding kerning. The kerning involves adjusting a space between the two letters in a given font. If you’re not used to looking for the issues of kerning, the problems can be subtle. Many typefaces, especially the one’s with pronounced serifs, can possess inconsistent letter spacing, that is usually not a huge problem in a paragraph or the sentence. If you’re only dealing with fewer words, like headlines or a logo, kerning issues can destroy entire aesthetic.

Issues of kerning can get complicated when you have to deal with web fonts and CSS, but easy to fix if you’re creating text as a graphic in illustrator or photoshop. Do not focus on the letters so much as the negative space in between the letters. Try to make the space consistent throughout word or phrase as said by one of the web design company in kolkata.

3 Be aware of the font communication

Font selection should not be a difficult task. Look out for the font in your entire library that you like, it will produce an effective result. If you’re perceptive, the font selections seem very poor, there’s a major disconnect between the visuals and the words written with them. There are different types of fonts used for different purposes. Each and every font communicates both conscious and unconscious attributes, a major contribution includes gender and era.

According to website design Kolkata, most appealing fonts used for the web page, these days are Georgia, Arial, New Roman, Courier New, Verdana. Thick fonts that have the hard edges look more masculine and manly, while the thin fonts look feminine and girly.

4 Alignment

It is the most important concept in typography. Non- designers tend to center align everything. Somewhere we have learned that if something is centered, it is balanced, and if it is balanced, then it is better, but it’s not true as the center alignment is a weak alignment, hard to read due to lack of hard edge and should be used selectively. The difference is huge in principle and subtle in practice.

You should always ask yourself that how important readability is and also the particular aesthetic you must be trying to achieve. These principles always work together but they often require compromise as they are opposing forces one way or the other.

No matter what design you choose, try to be consistent. Another thing is mixing alignments.

5 Choose good secondary font

After choosing a primary font, choose another font that will accent it.

6 Size matters

One of the things that you learn with the promotional material is that the headlines should grab the reader’s eyes instantly. You’ve got a second or two at its best to get attention in the print world. If you lost this opportunity, then you have also lost your potential customer. Practically it means when you’re creating any headline, don’t just type it but design it.

7 Use your typography as an art

Don’t take typography as simply headlines and body copy and start thinking of it as a design element. This goes well beyond building faces with letters. Expand on the font shapes that suit your needs by adding swirls, texture, spats, blotches and anything that you can spice up as said by web development company Kolkata.

8 Find the inspiration

The best way to learn the creative and effective typography is to find and study about some good examples. Good and bad typography examples are as close as the nearest fast food joint. Keep a lookout wherever you go, what others are doing and think about why it does and does not seem to work well.

These rules are made to help you create good typography. Just make sure to achieve our specific goal.

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