R∞M: Landscape 1

An infinity room + generative projection art piece

R∞M: Landscape 1 immerses guests in an ambient narrative about nature and existentialism. The art piece asks guests to recognize our socially constructed visions of the future.

By eliminating a reference of distance and sense of space with an all mirrored room, the projections of digital art appear to occupy the same space as the viewer, and thereby blurring the line of whether the viewer is immersed in a digital world, or whether the digital world has entered into the plains of our reality. R∞M is a response to the desire to wrest digital and generative art off of the flat, 2-dimensional screen by giving the illusion of pixels occupying 3-dimensional space; it creates the perception of a new world, not by producing a fully digital virtual reality, but by digitizing the world in which we already exist.

— —

One of the beautiful things about R∞M is that the concept is not married to the content. So, the content can change, evolve, etc., and I hope that it does! And I personally think that’s a very cool, collaborative aspect of this installation. To emphasize that collaboration and help distinguish the static R∞M concept from the dynamic digital content, the title of the installation will be R∞M: Landscape 1

We hope R∞M: Landscape 1 encourages new aesthetic, personal, contemplative, and reflective experiences among guests. It’s through these social experiences that we understand each other a bit more.

What we need environmentally and for production

15’x15’ footprint space with control of lighting in the area
Electrical access with 50–100’ extension cord
Access to audio
2–4 short-throw projectors
cost of shipping the installation materials

— — — — —

Chris Ahnberg | Installation Creator, Design, and Construction
Sebastian Monroy | Programming and design of visual art
Jessica Anderson | Narrative and visual design