Angola @ open letter to Bees

Dear Bees,

I know the world needs you and your honey (especially here) is the bomb! But seriously Bros... You really make me feel the grand scheme of emotions. I am scarred you are going to hurt me and sometimes you do. It hurts so bad... And doesn’t just go away. Then I turn around and you bring me delicious honey that tastes better than any I have ever had
 I am amazed by you! And you make me laugh in a way that no one else can. You stung Kyle on the butt and I thought I would never stop laughing. It still gets me when you attack the others, but then I panic when you are all over me and I just... Well ... you betrayed me over thirty times now and I’m starting to have crazy thoughts when you are around. ‘Should i just jump from this boat?’ ‘ will putting on all my clothes make me safe?’ ‘Does eating while walking help?’ I know you are going to be at my tent even before I wake up tomorrow, just hanging around waiting for me to leave. Its getting to where I am scared to leave! We are just TOO different. I want to see the world and you just want to make imperial jelly for your queen. I have had enough. I want to end our relationship. Please don’t make this sting any worse than it already does.



P.S. if you refuse to leave, focus your energy on Kyle. It is the most funny

For the rest over you crazy kids we will post travel stats for you tomorrow. PROMISE!

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