A bird’s eye view of Cunde waterfalls and the crystal clear pool formed by it.

Yesterday was another travel day for the Cuito expedition crew. After 4 separate village visits and watching a rambunctious troop of monkeys during a bathroom break we reached our waterfall destination on the Cunde river, a tributary of the the Cuito, just after 4pm. Its only about 4 meters across and 2 meters tall but still a stunner as is the pool beneath.

We set up camp 1.5 km up the river from the waterfall. Under the leadership and guidance of our fearless leader 4 of us snorkeled the length to the falls. We are now used to crystal clear potable seepage water everywhere we go, but swimming amongst this complex underwater topography was an unexpected treat. It was a freshwater aquarium with moving water and tiny colorful fish... no crocodiles. There are also the weaver bird nests on the trees growing onto the walls of the mud banks this river!

Werner got bit by a rare and beautiful lizard that wouldn’t let go, it was hilarious for most of us at camp. Other than that wonderful memory, it seems like the herpetology guys had a slow day. Ben however, had a productive day charging into the heavy current with his net. He was able to net 5 species that hadn’t been seen in this river system before.

What is important is that everyone got wet and had a blast today on the river!

'I laid down for 10 mins this afternoon and there was a lot going on under my tent'-Goetz Neef.

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