Our days start very much the same. The same cast of characters arriving to the morning coffee around the fire in much the same order. Jungle Oats are boiled and we start making internet communications. Only today a certain nameless somebody tweeted at us how little rain the area had been getting and how low the water levels were... As the tweet was read allowed a clap of thunder was heard and then nonstop rain all day

Our researchers have been so busy with extremely successful field work that they had plenty of log work to keep them busy all day. Our research director, Goetz, left early this morning with two others to scout the Cuanavale Source lake, the eventual launch sight for the second half of our expedition. During their return the second and final transect of camera traps will be laid out for our mammal survey.

Once the sun went down the rain let us check some of the funnel traps, which is much more fun at night.

AND NOW a ridiculous story I wouldn’t believe had I not watched it myself. While we had no reason to believe fish of an edible size were in the lake, logistics head Kyle went fishing none the less. He got a tiny little fella on a spoon, about 8 cm. The type of fish you use as bait... So he used it as bait. He managed to reel in a sizable African pike for dinner. As he was cleaning the pike he removed the bait fish, still intact, which our resident ichthyologist quickly snached up off the table. It is a yet unidentified specimen and will likely be a new record for the area!

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