Much of the leftover team, having prepared for our arriving friends and checked their traps, took advantage of a beautiful day to go for a hike. We made it to a series of red colored cliffs we had noted off in the distance. From this vantage point you can just make out our camp behind the lake!

Our camp is right behind the source lake seen in the distance Photo: @LukeManson

Project leader Steve Boyes has arrived at camp everybody!!! He has been continent hopping working for the project in many ways, but never getting much sleep because he couldn't be with us. This is a big deal friends and one to be celebrated. Our team is finally complete and final preparations for our upcoming river voyage can begin.

Herpetologist Luke Verburgt arrived this afternoon to assist Werner. Not only does he double our herpetology department's size, but he is also a 'spark of energy' and is known for his skill in locating hard to find specimens. In his first day put Luke saw 5 species of frog that were lifetime firsts. As I was about to post he just put a hand on my shoulder to say ' I just caught my first Barotse water snake!'

Goetz and AJ spent the day interviewing 3 villages of 54, 120, and 180 person populations respectively. The last continued the gift giving, but instead of a chicken they gave us a variety of gourds. All 3 villages claimed there were a pride of lions near both our camp at the lake and also near their villages. Our researchers reiterated how fascinating it is to learn about the lives of these different villagers.

Tonight is a particularly loud and late session by the fire. Just the way we like it.

And for your reading pleasure ... Our Bee Sting leader board.

@LukeManson 1st - 19
Kyle Gordan 2nd - 17
@DavidGoyder (retired) 3rd - 12
Werner Canradie 4th - 9
@GoetzNeef 5th - 8
Water 6th - 7
@AlexPaullin 7th - 6

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