Intouch is live!

We are happy to announce that is now live! We spend a lot of our time filling out forms. Often more than once for the same service. Updating call centre reps. Having our mail delivered to the wrong address. It seems to be a never-ending cycle. “Can we handle our contact details more efficiently?”, we asked ourselves.

Many internal meetings, user focus groups, client sessions (and Bunsen burgers) later we are ready to present the — objectively — most brilliant revolution in contact info since the Rolodex. (They’re pretty cool). We call it Intouch.

Intouch is a new and exciting way to exchange contact details between companies and its customers. Once the connection is established companies will be able to visualise the contacts updates of their customers in an automated fashion.

Users will now be able to easily share and manage their contact details with any company out there. This provides users with not only greater control but also insights into which companies hold their data, where it is stored and what they use it for.

Companies will now be able to get updates on any changes and unlock more contact information whenever the need arises. In a world where thirty percent of contact data stored is wrong despite huge operational efforts, this is a great step.

Consumers will be able to connect to their service providers through an Android and iOS app, both available in the app stores later this month. They can start connecting with businesses and, businesses can claim their profiles from today forward at is currently operated from three offices (Ireland, Spain and Egypt) by a large, diverse and very talented team. At we cover 7 different nationalities and we speak 14 languages. We are convinced we will serve you well.

We are extremely excited having you on our platform and look forward to helping you.

We hope you will like it, as much as we love building it.

Let’s stay intouch!

From the family with ❤

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