🎵Every song has a different lifespan. That being song A can be listened to for 400 hours. And song B can be listened 800 hours. So how is the number calculated. Well idk 🤔 just yet. But it’s composed from the beat of the song and beats per minute. 🎶

What does this mean?

Well this is talking about how long a song can be listened to before it gets old. You know when you don’t like listening to the song.

Well what if I wait a month then listen 👂to it?

Well time will allow you to regenerate more hours. The longer you don’t listen 👂to a song, the feeling to listen 👂to the song grows.

What if I have no questions?

Then… 👋🖕

P.S. this emoji thing is shitty with this log entry due to iOS only picking up the ear for listening. Where are the headphones 🎧? We should be able to search for emoji. With tags.

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