Intrepid Gains Unveils Tier 2 Program: Expanding Access to Seed Investing

2 min readDec 19, 2023

Introduction: Intrepid Gains continues to lead in the cryptocurrency investment realm, constantly innovating to offer more opportunities. Building on our successful INT Token ecosystem, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Tier 2 program, designed to broaden access to our exclusive seed rounds.

Enhancing Access with Tier 2: Our new Tier 2 program is a game-changer, lowering the entry barrier significantly. With a requirement of just 25 INT tokens, Tier 2 opens doors to seed round investments for a wider audience. This initiative aims to showcase the power of seed investing to those still contemplating a deeper involvement in the crypto space.

Incorporating Core Elements from Our Previous Offerings: Reflecting on our past success, as outlined in our earlier article, “Intrepid Gains: Revolutionizing Crypto Investments with the Power of INT Token,” we maintain our commitment to providing unparalleled investment opportunities and community support. Our project, rooted in expertise from spotting trends early and driven by a passion for high ROI, continues to evolve while retaining its foundational strengths.

Key Features of Tier 2:

  1. Lower Entry Threshold: Holding only 25 INT tokens grants access to our exclusive seed rounds, a move that democratizes investment opportunities.
  2. Seed Round Participation: Even though Tier 2 members won’t have access to our AI app or DAO, they can still partake in lucrative seed rounds, experiencing firsthand the potential of early-stage investments.
  3. Dynamic Allocation: This tier operates on a first-come, first-served basis, fostering a competitive environment that rewards prompt decision-making and allocation.

Continued Focus on Token Value: As detailed previously, our strategy to manage the INT token supply remains a cornerstone of our approach. With innovative methods like DAO Participation Fund, revenue allocation from Intrepid Explorer, Patreon proceeds, and Uniswap Liquidity Pool, we persist in enhancing the token’s value and stability.

Upcoming Innovations and Team Commitment: Our journey of innovation doesn’t stop here. We are advancing our machine learning crypto picker and analysis app, further revolutionizing cryptocurrency interaction. Our diverse team of experts, proficient in fields from biotechnology to complex systems analysis, continues to drive Intrepid Gains forward.

Getting Involved with Tier 2:

  1. Aquire 25 INT tokens:
  2. Join Telegram access here:
  3. Twitter: Stay updated with @Intrepidgains.
  4. Project App: Explore opportunities at
  5. Direct Leadership Connection: Follow our Project Manager, Carlos, at @Carlos032020 for insights.

Conclusion: Intrepid Gains is not just evolving; we are expanding, making our platform more accessible and inclusive. Tier 2 is a testament to our commitment to democratize investment opportunities in the crypto space. Embrace this chance to experience the potency of seed investing with a lower entry barrier. Join us in this exciting new phase of our journey.