Intrepid Gains: Revolutionizing Crypto Investments with the Power of INT Token


3 min readDec 6, 2023

The world of cryptocurrency is ripe with opportunities, and Intrepid Gains stands at the forefront, offering unprecedented ROI potential. Our unique ecosystem revolves around the INT Token, a gateway to a realm of exclusive benefits and expert resources. If you’re seeking to maximize your cryptocurrency investments, Intrepid Gains is your ideal partner.

Background of the Project:

Founded by a veteran in the crypto space, whose journey began in the early MTGOX days, Intrepid Gains is the culmination of expertise in complex systems, a passion for biotechnology, and a relentless pursuit of high ROI in cryptocurrency investments. Our mission is to equip investors with the tools and community support necessary to navigate the volatile yet rewarding world of cryptocurrency.

Core Offerings of Intrepid Gains:

  1. Token-Gated DAO: Holding 250 INT tokens is more than an investment; it’s an entry ticket to a world of exclusive opportunities. This token threshold grants you a vote in our DAO, lifetime access to our AI app, and entry to exclusive seed rounds with our partner groups.
  2. AI App Access: The AI app offers a cutting-edge, analytical approach to cryptocurrency investment, leveraging advanced technology for smarter, data-driven decisions.
  3. Exclusive Seed Rounds: Our partnerships provide access to lucrative seed rounds, presenting a unique edge in the crypto investment landscape.
  4. Expert Community: Connect with skilled crypto investors and macro strategy experts, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing insights and strategies.

Token Overview:

The INT tokens are integral to the governance structure of our DAO. Unlike typical initial coin offerings, INT tokens did not undergo a seed round distribution, ensuring no scheduled token releases. Currently, the market capitalization of INT stands at approximately 1.2 million.

From the outset, our strategy involved establishing a maximum token supply of 1 million, with a mechanism to gradually reduce the circulating supply. This reduction is funded by the revenue generated through the INT’s Patreon community. As a result, we have successfully burned 820,000 tokens to date.

The present circulating supply is 180,000 tokens, of which approximately 16,500 are held by the INT foundation and 10,350 are held by the developing team. Consequently, the actual number of tokens available in the market for trading is around 153,150.

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the value and stability of the INT token, we have developed a comprehensive strategy aimed at reducing its circulating supply, thereby reinforcing its deflationary character. Our approach encompasses the following key initiatives:

DAO Participation Fund: As a member of the DAO, you gain access to a specialized fund. This fund is composed of assets acquired by the DAO, financed through regular contributions from Patreon. Our strategic objective is to liquidate these assets at the market’s peak. The resulting profits will be allocated towards stablecoin staking, with the generated interest being utilized to buy and burn INT tokens.

Revenue Allocation from Intrepid Explorer: A designated percentage of the revenues from Intrepid Explorer will be systematically allocated towards the buying and burning of INT tokens.

Patreon Proceeds: We will continue to use a portion of proceeds from Patreon towards buying and burning INT tokens.

Utilizing Uniswap Liquidity Pool: Fees generated from the Uniswap liquidity pool will be used to buy and burn more INT tokens.

Innovative Supply Reduction Strategies: We are actively exploring and developing innovative methods to further diminish the circulating supply of INT tokens. These strategies are designed to bolster the token’s scarcity and thereby its market value.

Our approach to token management reflects our dedication to creating lasting value for all INT holders and ensuring the long-term success of the INT token.

Upcoming Innovations:

Our commitment to innovation continues with the development of our machine learning crypto picker and analysis app, poised to transform how you interact with cryptocurrency markets.

The Team:

Our team, comprised of long-term crypto enthusiasts and experts, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. From biotechnology to complex systems analysis, our diverse backgrounds fuel the innovative spirit of Intrepid Gains.

How to Get Involved:


As Intrepid Gains continues to evolve, we invite you to be a part of our journey. With our innovative tools, exclusive community, and commitment to high ROI, your cryptocurrency investment strategy will be transformed. Join us today and be at the forefront of the crypto investment revolution.