6 Gifts for the Writer in Your Life, According to a Book Editor

Hint: Your writer has enough notebooks already.

**Updated for 2020. Prices accurate as of 12/8/2020**

Every writer has received at least two notebooks every year for as long as she can remember, and they’re all gathering dust in her office and making her feel guilty. This year, give your writer something she can actually be excited about. I’ve specially curated six gifts based on my work with writers of every feather that are thoughtful, purposeful, and are, best of all…not another notebook.

1. A DIY mini writer’s retreat for the writer seeking productivity (and paradise)

Legit writer’s retreats can get pricey when all is said and done, but with a DIY attitude, it’s not hard to treat a writer to a memorable and inspiring getaway. Book a weekend stay at a quaint cabin, chic hotel, or charming Airbnb; put together a small basket of their favorite goodies; and make sure they pack their laptop charger before sending them on their writerly way.

  • Price: Varies by booking.

2. A private session with a professional editor for the writer in need of clarity (or the writer with questions, or the writer feeling stuck)


Here’s the truth: becoming a published author isn’t easy. Some writers spend their entire lives working toward getting their book out of their head and onto a shelf and still fall short of that elusive goal.

A strategy session with a professional editor can be just the thing to set your writer on the right course. And wouldn’t you believe it…my company happens to be offering just the thing! Private one-hour BookFlow Sessions are currently 25% off until 12/26 if you use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS3, and are designed to give your writer guidance, clarity, and an individually-tailored action plan, all of which will bring them closer than ever to becoming published.

3. A ridged foam roller for the writer always at their desk

Amazon, amazon.com

Really, this is a gift everyone — not just writers — could use in their life. A foam roller is an excellent tool to relieve tension and tightness, whether it’s from sitting at a desk for eight hours or that ass-kicking 6:00 a.m. spin class. The ridges give a little extra attention to tired muscles by massaging deeper tissue as you’re rolling.

4. The Baby, It’s Cold Outside Bundle Gift Box for the writer craving a great new read

Page 1 Books, page1books.com

Hand-picked and highly personalized, every book you receive from Page One Books is a selection made based on responses to the questionnaire filled out during signup; Megan from The Spines writes, “When your box arrives, you have the sweetest little note from the person who chose for you explaining the book and why you’ll love it! So far, my person hasn’t gotten it wrong.” The Baby, It’s Cold Outside Bundle is a seasonal specialty, and includes a few cozy extras to really crank up the hygge factor.

5. A pair of kickass headphones for the writer who can’t get away from the noise

Amazon, amazon.com

If the writers you’re shopping for are anything like me, a good pair of headphones would be one of the best things to ever happen to them. I am a certified city dweller, which means that silence can be…hard to come by on a good day, near impossible to achieve any other time. My world was rocked when I finally invested in a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones from Sony, which gloriously removed everything from NYC traffic heard in my office to the background engine noise while on airplanes. Plus, the sound quality is out of this world (take it from an audiophile).

6. A phenomenal pen for the writer who believes in the art of handwriting

Baron Fig, baronfig.com

The disparity between how often we have to use pens in our daily lives and how little thought we give to the quality of the pens we’re using is astounding. It’s certainly convenient to reach for that crusty ol’ ballpoint, but what’s the harm in investing a little more in the enjoyment we get from the physical act of writing? A high-caliber pen would do just the trick.

Lauren Taylor Shute is the Founder and CEO of Intrepid Literary, a full-service editorial firm based in New York City that helps authors around the world develop their ideas, build their platforms, perfect their manuscripts, and find representation or publication for their work. She speaks regularly at writing conferences and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Glamour magazine.



CEO of Intrepid Literary, an editorial firm that helps books glow in the city that never sleeps.

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Lauren Taylor Shute

CEO of Intrepid Literary, an editorial firm that helps books glow in the city that never sleeps.