Introducing: Intrepid Literary

Lauren Taylor Shute, CEO & Publishing Director

Since 2014, I’ve run a successful literary firm that helps writers around the world create and publish their best books.

Building a company from the ground up is no easy feat, and I often find myself caught up in the day-to-day minutia of tending to our authors, our editorial, design, and publishing teams, and the general running of the company.

This past month, though, two of our authors published their books to great acclaim. And while we’ve helped many authors publish their books, we saw these authors through from the beginning. We guided each of them from their early drafts through multiple rounds of our proprietary editorial process to perfect their books, and then through the extensive publishing journey.

Each of us on the team loved their books just as much as they did; our blood, sweat, and tears were on every single page, right alongside theirs. Holding the print editions of each of these books for the first time, my throat caught for a moment.

I thought about the first time I ever spoke with either of these authors and how through our work together we’ve created books that are beautiful, engaging, and, though very different, testaments to the work we can do as a literary firm.

The same way that these manuscripts have grown from early drafts to beautiful, moving, words-on-paper books you can hold in your hand, so, too, has this literary firm grown since I first started it. Way back then, I was a solo team, just one woman working into the wee hours of the night, helping authors develop their manuscripts and proposals, one person at a time.

Fast forward to today: we’re an expansive team made up of editors, designers, publishing experts, and writers, and together we can carry nearly any book from idea to shelf. So much has changed since 2014, from the level of authors we serve to the range of work we can do to uplift a book — today, we do everything from brainstorming to publishing, helping authors navigate an often intimidating, unclear process to develop and publish the books I believe the world needs.

When I realized how much we had changed, I decided it was time to change our name, too.

Ultimately, I wanted to change the company’s name to pay my team their respect due. Each of our team members is brilliant, incisive, generally pretty hilarious, and dedicated to developing authors and their manuscripts.

And while the original name sounded great, I didn’t feel it represented the breadth and depth of experience our team has nor the incredible work everyone does to support our authors. Our work is inherently and deeply intimate, personal, and bold, and we need our name to reflect that.

Lauren Taylor Shute Editorial is now Intrepid Literary.

While my name will no longer be part of the company’s name, never fear; I’m not going anywhere. I’m as dedicated to our authors and their books as I ever have been — and I’m convinced now more than ever that writers who are uncertain about the publishing industry can become brave authors whose books touch people’s lives.

We love our new name for a few good reasons.

For our authors, it highlights the bold nature of putting pen to paper, of declaring that your message is worth reading, of committing years of work to something deeply personal, and then bringing that work to the public stage of the wider world.

For our team, the name represents our unfiltered, industry-focused idea development, editorial, and publishing processes and how they allow us to elevate our authors’ work, making them stars in their own right. It communicates our versatility in navigating both the traditional and self-publishing worlds.

It says we, too, will be bold, standing with our authors in audacious ambition.

To do that well, it takes an intrepid, daring nature. And we’ve been embodying that since we started…now it’s undeniable, built into our DNA, as plain as the name on our website.

I’ll say it again: Writing a book is an immense undertaking and getting published is an equally enormous endeavor. Authors almost never do it alone. To publish a book you need intrepid guides you can trust to evolve your manuscript to its full potential and lead you through the publishing process. And, as both Lessons in Badassery and The Head, the Heart, and the Heir show, Intrepid Literary is already doing just that.

If you were waiting on a sign to revisit that book concept, dust off that manuscript, or push yourself to write something new, this is it! Whether you have the nugget of an idea or a fleshed-out draft, whether you want to pursue traditional or self-publishing, our team is here for you. Intrepid Literary is here for you. I’m here for you.

Tell me. What makes you intrepid?

Intrepid Literary is a New York-based literary firm that works with writers to develop, draft, perfect, and publish their books. With experience in some of the top publishing houses in the industry, the Intrepid Literary team specializes in helping writers discover their best work through a unique, intimate editorial process designed to result in an elevated book that turns readers into lifelong fans.

Follow us on Instagram at @intrepidliterary and visit us at



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