Why I’m Leaving High School
Daniel Singer

Daniel, You are doing it right in my opinion. I didn’t know what I wanted to do until about 10th grade. I then used my public school (Point Loma High) as a resource to get to my personal point B. I tested out of a few classes like Computers and then took two elective of Graphic Communication & Black and White Photography (we didn’t call it graphic design, UX, or UI then). I also took typing and psychology. Anything I could do to get closer to point B.

I wanted to be successful at my new skateboard/clothing company. I went on to Platt College which was then just an unaccredited trade school. I entered the work force with thousands of hours of experience.

In the beginning I lacked confidence. I see you not only have drive, ambition and vision you also have confidence.

I think we can come to expect great things from you and those choose to take on your journey.


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