Often, companies only think of conducting a market analysis when launching a new product or service.

However, while you may be in a larger organization or tech startup and need to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done, routinely conducting a market analysis allows you to analyze your quickly changing and highly competitive industry to discover new revenue opportunities and foresee future hurdles.

Because markets are changing and evolving so rapidly today, it’s important to revisit your market analysis for older products and your overall business to make sure you’re still focused on exciting and delighting your best prospects.

In recent years, competitive intelligence has shifted away from laborious qualitative research into a data-driven decision making machine that allows companies to holistically understand the competitive arena.

That is, if it is done correctly.

Competitive intelligence often gets mistaken for analyzing the enemy (your competitor) instead of the entire landscape. It’s how while hotels were battling each other, Airbnb was able to jump in and destroy the entire model. The same goes with Uber and taxis.

Depending on who you ask, competitive intelligence has different definitions. We like Harvard Business Review’s definition: “CI is a perspective on changing market conditions.”

After more than five years of working with mid-market and enterprise sales and marketing teams, we’re stuck on one major question…

Traditionally, why does marketing target personas and sales target accounts?

Marketing teams create elaborate and highly detailed buyer personas that feature different slides highlighting the characteristics of “Demand Gen Gina” or “Vice President Vince,” including their goals, challenges, purchase triggers, objections, background, behaviors and a host of other characteristics.

But, as we know, Gina and Vince aren’t real people. They’re an amalgamation of a perceived decision-maker, influencer or other target role that marketing is basing its content creation on.

Too many marketers select accounts for ABM campaigns based on topical firmographic and technographic data.

One B2B technology company I worked with selected Tier 1 accounts based on annual revenue, company size, and general technology usage. If an account was attached to a big brand name and used a competitor’s product, tens of thousands of dollars were spent trying to convert it into a marketing qualified account (MQA).

During my three-month contract there, marketing never passed any Tier 1 accounts onto sales.

Another company I worked with selected Tier 1 accounts using behavioral data. If an account matched the company’s…

Since 2013, Intricately has been building and refining our Global Sensor Network. The network includes thousands of physical deployments spread across 6 continents and 100+ countries. These sensors help us map the digital world.

At the heart of it are gateways, which we like to call “on ramps” to the Internet. Gateways are operated by Internet Service Providers like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T and give your device the ability to send and receive information online.

Intricately monitors millions of Internet Gateways

Intricately’s sensor network monitors the flow of information through these gateways, keeping track of changes as they occur. This helps our customers visualize the relationship…

The Cloud Glossary: The Basics

The cloud computing universe is growing at a dizzying rate. Just take a look a some of the recent research:

  • The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 18% in 2017, and companies will increase spend to $246.8 billion on cloud tech (says Gartner)
  • Top data providers Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet doled out $31.54 billion in 2016 in capital expenditures, with that number set to rise to keep up with demand (WSJ reports)
  • Cloud jargon and buzzwords to grow 877% by 2020 (-Us at Intricately)

OK, so that last stat might not be 100% accurate — but we…

For tech sales reps, finding new prospects involves a lot of research. It’s an essential step that cannot happen without a lot of details, aka ‘dirty work’.

But the right information can tell you which prospects are most likely to purchase from you, and when you should focus on nurturing specific leads.

Your research can also tell you if prospects are actively evaluating a service, what products they’re engaging with and how much your prospects spend with other service providers.

Using the Intricately platform, there are a few ways you can sort the data to find the answers you’re looking…

2016 Year in Review

To celebrate what you helped us achieve this year, we put together an Intricately year in review:

  • The team grew from 2–8
  • Raised $2M in Seed Funding (Thank you Bloomberg Beta, Susa Ventures, and Singtel Innov8)
  • Changed our name from Cloudrupt to Intricately!
  • Grew from 250 users to over 3,000
  • 60% of our users use our product every day
  • Delivered 400,000+ company reports
  • Analyzed more than 1 billion digital properties (that includes domains, hostnames, and just about anything else connected to the Internet)
  • Captured 0ver 800 million events

Product we built in 2016:


In December of 2016, we officially launched our subscription product. A big step up from our unlimited (and free) plan. …

If you sell tech, it’s rare that you’re in a situation when the prospect doesn’t already use your competition. Most teams have a playbook for each competitor but even then, you’ve got to rely on your own knowledge and intuition to get the deal over the line.

Intricately delivers a comprehensive picture of what products and solutions are in place at your prospect and how they’re being used. Our intel will save you hours of research, allow you to avoid those awkward discovery calls, and guide you to a faster closed/won outcome.

Here are 5 ways to use Intricately to CRUSH the competition.

1. Real-time Events

Events are the most powerful way to…

Somehow it’s already December. Whew! Revenue kick-offs are around the corner and we’re hard a work to deliver features that will help you close out your Q4 with a bang and setup your 2017 to be your biggest year yet.

Below are just a few of the things keeping the team at Intricately busy. Got feedback? We’d love to hear it. Drop us a line at success@intricately.com

Brain Upgrade for the Intricately Chrome Extension

We’ve been hard at work on a re-designed Chrome Extension that delivers a massive leap in performance, a new and improved design, and a few other tricks that we’re know you’re gonna love.

Notifications. Finally!


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