Announcing Intro — professional networks for teams

Hello, World! We’re excited to announce our first product —Intro for Slack.

What is Intro?

Intro is a team networking platform. Each of us belongs to a number of professional teams — Twitter employees, ex-Yahoo employees, Stanford GSB class of 2005, Women In Product, Blacks At Microsoft, etc.

Every one of these teams has a unique and powerful network. Our mission with Intro is to enable you to reach people you need through your team’s network.

Our first product is built for Slack teams. Intro gives your Slack a full member directory and detailed profiles of team members. We create a private network for each Slack by combining team members’ social connections. Teams are using Intro to reach potential customers, find great candidates, and discover new opportunities, through their Slack team network.

Intro lets you answer questions like:

Does anyone know any ad agencies in Spain? Are there people at my company who went to business school in Europe? I’m trying to reach Google’s Sydney office — who knows someone there? Does someone have recommendations for good data scientists in New York? Which of my classmates started their own startups?

And you can do all of this right in Slack, with our /intro command and Intro Bot.

Why Slack?

We ❤ Slack. We’ve been early users of Slack at work and we’re on a number of great community Slacks. As it grows, Slack is clearly becoming the new professional graph. Slack already has more real-time data about who works where, on what, with whom, than any other network. It is a powerful platform to build on top of and getting better every day.

Plus it has cat gifs.

The era of the conversational office is here

We’re just getting started. We have a lot more coming and you can follow along here. Want to help build the next professional network? Join us!

Mitali, Alan, and Team Intro

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