Goodbye Intro :’(

Intro is shutting down soon

Wait, what? Intro is going away?

Yes. We are extremely sorry to tell you that we are shutting down Intro in the next 2 weeks. This includes our Slack bot — Introbot — and our web app located at

What happens to our data?

The data we have collected from our users includes your Slack team and profile information, your LinkedIn connections list, and your Google contacts list, if you chose to add those to Intro. All of these will be completely purged from our servers. Absolutely none of your data will be given to any other company or entity.

Why are you shutting down?

Intro was a useful tool but did not have a big enough market potential to stay independent and raise the funding necessary to get to the next level.

Some parting thoughts

Intro solved a real problem for real people. We know this from our metrics and from all the emails and messages our users have sent us. Intro began with the premise that one of the main assets of any team — a company, an alumni network, a group of likeminded individuals — is the relationships that the team members have. We set out to let team members and coworkers easily access and leverage each other’s networks. And it turns out teams loved it. 2,500 teams have joined Intro since we launched a few months back. Our users have added over 2.5 million contacts to their teams’ networks. These connections represent people across 500,000 companies, 25,000 industries, and 45,000 schools. Users have made thousands of intros for their teammates.

To all our users, we thank you for being part of our journey. We’ve learned so much in this process and we hope to see you again in another app. Till then… 👋

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