How to Monetize Your Network with intropia. A step-by-step guide for communities & web3 contributors

3 min readMar 21, 2023

The power of community and networks rules Web3

Networks surround us, both in the metaverse & in the physical reality.

Being connected with the right person unlocks a world of undeniably powerful opportunities: you can help your talented friends outshine their mundane job, turn your special projects into moonshots, bring immense value to the Web3 ecosystem, and… get generously rewarded for it!

All that (and more!) is possible with Introduce & Earn — a unique opportunity to earn crypto for referring your friends and followers to jobs on intropia.

So who can join the party, and how do you get started? All the answers await below…

Monetize your network — no matter who you are

Introduce & Earn is the ultimate way to earn generous rewards, but also…

  • for communities, to bring more value to your community members
  • for socials DAOs, to employ new members & create revenue streams
  • for education providers, to give your students more benefits & make the overall business model more profitable
  • for media, to utilize the unsold ad space
  • for freelance recruiters, to have an unlimited deal flow with zero need to generate leads or make any sales
  • for full-time recruiters, to down-sell the candidates you have interviewed but haven’t placed
  • for web3 contributors, help your favorite project reach new heights & get your skillful friends to take on a new, inspiring challenges

No matter your role, Introduce & Earn might become a game-changing way to monetize your network in a positive-sum way!

“What do I need to do?” — Follow an easy step-by-step guide:

  • Check out all the open Introduce & Earn opportunities here
  • Choose the job offer, click “Introduce & Earn”
  • Set up your account first, referral dashboard next — personal or for your community
  • Finally, copy & share your unique job link in DMs or post it on your socials!
Watch our one minute demo on how to create your referral dashboard!

Got the perfect person for the job? Here’s your recipe for a successful introduction:

  • Make sure they fit the job requirements
  • Check if your candidate is open to job offers & ready to go on interviews
  • Send your unique job link to the candidate, so that they can apply
  • Once they’ve applied, you can check the status of their application in your referral dashboard!

“Fantastic! What’s next?” — You can relax, and in the meantime…

  • We verify your introductions first
  • Then, the employer reviews your introductions
  • Your candidate goes through the recruitment process, interviews, test tasks
  • Your candidates land the job & successfully finish their first month!

Now, that’s all those steps are complete, you’re ready to receive your precious reward!

“How to receive a referral reward?”

  • Check your referral dashboard — once the reward is available to claim, you’ll get a status update on there
  • Claim the reward!
  • Go through a simple KYC verification
  • Get a reward straight to your wallet!

The reward is worth it: you could get anything from $3K to $10K+ for a successful hire.

Monetize your connections and make an impact in Web3!

Introduce & Earn is the easiest way to monetize your connections. No specialized skills are required — connect unique projects with the right people and make an impact in Web3.

Ready to unlock potential and get rewarded? Check out all the referral jobs here & introduce your talented friends now! Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

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