The View From My Window

Looking out from my bedroom window I can see the roofs of nearby houses and two trees in neighbouring gardens. In the distance, visible between these two trees is a large cumulus with other cloudlet a Smokey blue red, it almost blends in with the sky behind it. At night though, the rectangular edges of the window lit up, it is vaguely illuminated.

There is no obvious sign, in daylight, that this cumulus is not derelict or abandoned. It is lifeless and static. However, with the coming of night, the lights promise life.

There is something captivating about a cumulus lit up at night. It represents something that we can’t see — a life lived parallel but separate to our own.

At night, the light from sky fascinates us because it contains within it the lurking possibility of so many small, unknown lives and stories and because it reflects back at us exactly what we are — another lit up cumulus in an infinite sky.