When your love is as abstract as your existence

Your dictionary only contains the sad words.
Feelings are disjointed. You feel okay, yet sad.
Sad, nonetheless.

You try to reason with your thoughts.
Why are you feeling this way?
Do cats really have nine lives?
Does this person love me back?

You’ll become old and die soon.
You know you want to live life purposefully.
You want to avoid these traps.
Yet, you can’t — you feel trapped.

You wish to be invisible.
One of those days, where you wish you had a cloak,
or at least — the faculty to imagine your ‘safe space’.
It’s not your home.

You’ll contemplate about your life and decisions.
Why do you exist?
What is love?
Why did you never confess your love?
That someone will probably die like everybody else.
You’ll end up with regrets, nevertheless.

There’s no answer to be found — only confusion.
Because your love is as abstract as your existence.
You’ll want to avoid both.