As seen in Asia and Europe, the use of edged weapons to inflict mass violence is an increasing threat. The attached article discusses this problem. Detection and automatic protective measures for such attacks must be a serious consideration.

Utilizing a broad acoustical detection device coupled with automatic activation of a protective platform is the most effective means of protection.

Intrusion Technologies and Louroe Electronics Integrate Threat Detection Technologies to Protect Against Active Assailant Threats

Charlotte, NC (June 29, 2018) — Intrusion Technologies Inc. and Louroe Electronics, the world leader in the audio security industry, today announced their intent to combine technologies to help protect against active assailant threats. By…

Charlie Hebdo Attack Paris, France

120 seconds, the time it takes to read this article, the time it takes for the final 2 minutes of a football game, the time it takes to walk 100 yards, and the time it takes to fire 30 rounds from a semi-automatic rifle, reload a magazine fire 30 more…

Front entrance to Sandy Hook Elementary (Note the glass shattered)

Folks, as we are faced with another deadly attack on a school (Santa Fe, Texas), the hand wringing and questioning by lawmakers and decision makers continues with what some believe to be an unsolvable plague. The endless “news” conferences, the political debate about the instrument of choice, the “why” is…

Intrusion Technologies

Founded in 2013 with the mission of saving lives from direct threat events. From Active Assailant to Active Shooter. We offer a patented solution.

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