BOLT Token — Binance Chain (BEP-2)Wallet Setup

John Peterson
Jun 20, 2019 · 4 min read

How to set up your Trust or Ledger Binance Chain Wallet to store your BEP-2 BOLT Tokens.


Here are the steps covered in this article.


Before starting, ensure you have the following at hand:

  • Android or iOS Smartphone, with an internet connection, and/or
  • A Ledger Hardware Wallet
  • A pen & paper to write down the Trust Wallet seed words.
  • A Desktop computer with an internet connection.

Basic Set up a BEP-2 Compatible Mobile Wallet (Trust Wallet)

  • Detailed instructions on installing and setting up a mobile phone can be found at: Trust Wallet Setup

Basic Set up of a Ledger Hardware wallet for Binance Chain.

  • Detailed instructions for setting up or upgrading your ledger are here: Ledger setup.

Add BOLT token to your mobile Trust Wallet

  • Add the BEP-2 BOLT token display on your Wallet (e.g. for Trust Wallet)
    1. Click the “+” in top right to add a token
    2. Type “bolt” into the search bar — The bolt Tokens will be displayed
    3. Click the “+” to the right of the Purple BOLT (BEP-2) to add to your visible tokens.
  • To find the address of your BOLT BEP-2 wallet, locate the Receive Address for BEP-2 BOLT (example for Trust Wallet) — This is the address you should share with others wanting to send you tokens.

Locate your Address (Trust Wallet)

  • Click on the BOLT Token in the wallet
  • Click on Receive
  • Your “bnb” wallet address is displayed. Copy or forward this address for future reference. Never manually enter crypto addresses unless absolutely necessary — it leads to lost tokens.

Locate your Address (Ledger)

If you use a ledger, you should use the wallet, which is integrated into the Binance DEX website to access your address (and later transfer tokens).


  • Select “Ledger Device” and follow onscreen instructions
  • Select the first address, then click confirm.

Trust Wallet

  • Select “Wallet Connect” Then click on “Get Wallet Connect QR Code, a QR code will open on the screen.
  • Open your Mobile Trust Wallet and tap the [ — ] icon at the top left.
  • Tap the “WalletConnect Button”
  • Point your Phone camera at the QR code on the Desktop screen.
  • Tap “Approve” — binance DEX is now connected to your Trust Wallet.

Check your Address

  • Hover over the Person Icon, to view your address and the copy Icon to copy it to the clipboard.
  • To view your Wallet balances and to send funds, click “Balances”.

The next steps are to transfer BOLT Tokens to your wallet and a small amount of BNB (0.1 BNB is enough) to pay the Binance Chain transaction costs.

Thanks for Reading!!

John Peterson

Written by

Software Engineer and Blockchain Enthusiast. I am currently BOLT Token Project Manager and Community Manager for several crypto projects.

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