How Flooding Can Create Health and Safety Concerns

Flooding has become a major concern of public officials throughout the United States. The hurricanes that left destruction in their wake this past fall flooded miles upon miles of areas across the South. Flooding can occur just about anywhere, especially along the coasts of the country or anywhere there are large bodies of water. Flooding can also create health and safety concerns for people of all ages, which is why it’s important to be prepared for such an event.

The risk of suffering an injury or wound after a flood can increase during the cleanup process. Even if you are cleaning up your own property you never know what could be lurking under the water that washed up from another property. Be sure you are up to date on the tetanus shot, which adults should get once every 10 years.

Flooding also can also cause power lines to fall due to the saturation of the ground. Wires sitting in water or on the ground could be live. This can cause electrocution, causing severe injuries. Never go near a downed power line, even if you think it isn’t active.

You also need to keep food safety at the forefront of your mind after a flood. If you have experienced serious flooding, you’ve likely lost power for an extended period. You shouldn’t eat any food in your refrigerator or freezer that might have gone bad. That’s why it’s best to buy non-perishable food prior to a storm you know is coming.

Mold can develop quickly after a flood inside your property. A commercial restoration company will remove the water from your commercial property, remove the saturated drywall, rugs, and flooring, and then treat the affected area with mold killing chemicals. Commercial restoration companies can also provide drying and dehumidification, contents restoration, and temporary power and HVAC services. If you’re in need of general contracting or reconstruction because of flood damage, a commercial restoration company may offer these services as well.

Parts of Florida are considered to be high-risk flood zones, and that’s why it’s important for its residents to know of a reliable Florida damage restoration company that has emergency restoration experts that know how to mitigate issues after a flood.