How and when did this whole discussion start?
Well, back in the days, not so long ago, what’s called today pseudo-science, energetic healing and what we today suddenly call alternative medicine, was very normal and common sense for the majority of the human race. And it worked for millennia.
I can start naming millions recent of cases where these things did not have the expected outcome/effect. And I can also name millions of cases where it did.
Does the first list of examples prove the second to be fake or vice versa? Both have been documented.
And yes, for the skeptics: both documentations can be falsified. As has been done by the pharmaceutical companies as well.
I have my personal experiences and thus I developed and opinion which I will share with you in this article.
There are many coaches who claim faster than ever results or even instantaneous. Tony Robins being the most famous of them. There are people who describe what they are doing in a more romantic way: examples are Theta healing, Reiki, Osteopathy, many types or Yoga, Self-hypnosis, Acupressure or the scientifically accepted Acupuncture.
The effects differ and depend on a large variety of factors. Belief being one of the most important ones, but not always decisive or even required.

I myself had a burn-out in 2004, very high levels of stress. I was mainly living in my mind, very often neglecting my intuition.
On my birthday in got sick, I could not handle the stress of 30 people in the house. I got fever, started vomiting and got even diarrhea. I ended-up in bed.
Then a friend came to my bedroom and asked me if I was okay with him doing something for me? I could barely talk and said “whatever”. I had given-up on the evening. He asked me to just stay as I was only to give him my hand. So I did. For 20–30 min he was touching between the index finger, middle finger and the ring finger.
After some time I realized that my fever was gone, my stomach had calmed down as did my intestines.
I was thunderstruck. What had happened? After that I asked my girlfriend to let people come to the room one by one or as couples. She managed the whole visiting and I had 10 minutes per visitor, or I should say every visitor got 10 min with me. Most of my friends made jokes as they entered, some even went on their knees to kiss my ring witch I did not have as I was not the Pope :-
t ended up being one of my nicest birthdays ever.
At two in the morning everyone had left and I felt good enough to get out of the bed to help clean-up the house. The next day I even went out with some friends airplane spotting. I was still weak but could enjoy the trip.

That day I sat down and wondered what had happened? I was very science oriented and something my knowledge could not explained had happened that weekend. I knew that there was no official science explaining this.
I realized that there was something untouchable that healed me that night.
This is when I decided to take up a Reiki Master on her offer to have a session. One she offered me a year earlier, but I did not know what to expect so I didn’t go. I knew nothing about reiki and I was not yet Googling everything.
She let me lay down on a massage table, I had to close my eyes and breathe calmly. She went from head to toes levitating her hands over my body with touch. I felt cold on some places and heat on others. 
At the end of the session she rear my aura and told me that I was draining energy as my 7th Chakra was as open as that of of a child. She suggested that I would visualize closing it to an adult level. She recommended me to focus on this daily for a while as it would take time to normalize.
When leaving I felt so light, both emotionally and physically, it was like walking with half the gravity.

This was how everything started for me. And I was not a believer in…. I didn’t even know how to call all of this.
On my birthday I was only believing in what science had proven. The day after I did not know what to believe. But my intuition told me to take a next step, so I did.

​Then things started to change…

To be continued… part 2

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