Improve your site with video content

More and more we’ve been recommending video content to our clients. But why?

  1. Grab their attention
     Firstly video grabs the users’ attention. If your site is moving, the user will watch.
  2. Get your point across quickly
     People no longer want to read reams of text explaining what your business can offer them; put this into a short and direct video and it will have much more of an impact. Just remember to make the content applicable and appealing to your users.
  3. Stand out from the crowd
     It’s unlikely your competitors have prominent video content on their websites as it’s emerging as a great new marketing tool. Beat them to it and add good video content.
  4. Let them in
     By putting yourselves out there in video, you show more of your company’s personality off. If it’s a serious and professional business, with no room for comedy, make the videos reflect that. They’ll soon have an idea how you view yourselves and your offering, and they’re much more likely to remember what you’re all about.

A few examples:

Our own website also uses prominent video. We let you in to our office while telling you what we do. Sonny the dog also makes an appearance or two — as do a few cups of tea — while simultaneously letting you know our technical offerings. Let us know what you think!

Take Red Zebra. This is one of our newer site builds. Straight away the site is made interesting with moving content –and you have the option of making the video full screen. Within seconds the video has listed a main function of their software and the video is showing the software in use — so the user already has a pretty good idea of what Red Zebra do.
 Blind inspiration have video content for every single product, and well as on the homepage. A way to truly show off your product catalogue and draw the customer in.