3 ways in which a Virtual Recruitment Assistant will change hiring forever

Prescreening by an AI enabled recruiting assistant

These days we spend more time talking to Siri and Cortana to get our jobs done. But bots can be used for much bigger problems than setting reminders and updating us on the weather. One such area is Hiring and Recruiting in an organization. Even with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to eliminate unsuitable candidates and scheduling and managing candidates, the sheer volume of applicants for a position still poses a significant problem for many recruiters and hiring managers. Chatbots are now being routinely used for recruitment and hiring functions in a company thus complementing existing HR team of the organization. This simply saves a lot of time and redundant human intervention in routine hiring tasks. This also helps the organization to channelize their important and critical man hours into important and critical work activities.

That being said, chatbots also retain the human element in hiring by impersonating a recruiter and chatting with the applicant, one-on-one.

Amongst others, there are three broad areas where chatbots can help immensely when we talk about futuristic recruitment processes:


Using a chatbot to help candidates through the application process has been proven to produce better candidates for the company. Chatbot helps the hiring team to do away with routine tasks and helps speed up the entire process. As per the 2015 Bersin report on recruiting, average hiring period for a role is 52 days — Sourcing and prescreening of candidates eating out on most of it. Chatbots can play a key role in reducing hiring period as they can talk to hundreds of candidates simultaneously and are available 24/7 to prescreen the candidate in real-time.


Candidates update their resumes by keywords that are in demand and roles they apply to. With recruitment chatbots taking over the entire prescreening, that won’t be necessary anymore, because bots can then talk to candidates based on basic qualifying questions and knock-out parameters and shortlist candidates per the requirement of the profile. This not only takes the dependence off resumes but also takes the headache of long tiring hours of prescreening. It will also make sure that a worthy candidate will not be missed because he did not write a specific keyword in the resume.


It goes without saying that chatbots will automate the hiring process. Automation of any process brings in efficiency regarding reporting and analysis — because it helps identify and eliminate non-value added tasks and standardize performance by establishing KPIs. Everything from application to interaction and shortlisting to the final selection of the candidate is recorded. By standardizing reporting, there are always better chances of calculating and improving the ROI of any process — in this case, Recruitment.

Recruiters and hiring managers are expected to do more with less — less time, less money, fewer team members, etc.. Many recruiters must juggle multiple openings at once, and hiring managers are busy overseeing their teams and departments. An organization can either focus on a robust hiring system or a good candidate experience. Achieving both at the same time often becomes a challenge for many organizations. With a chatbot, however, there is an opportunity to inject all these and much more in hiring capabilities.

Intutent has recently launched an AI enabled recruiting assistant, Renee. It does repetitive tasks of a recruiter so the recruiter can focus on better things. Renee can answer candidates’ questions, and it can do prescreening of candidates for a job. Please contact us at www.intutent.com to try Renee.