No rage

It was 2005 when we decided to found a literary magazine: we didn’t want to be raging nor snobbish, trying to keep a certain distance from void, vain and conceited discussions. We knew revolutions didn’t come from songs, certainly not from magazines. In 2007, inutile made its debut with a programmatic and provocative name. We’ve always tried to stick to our initial idea, even though we’ve stopped focusing exclusively on literature and narrative, trying to create culture on a wider level. Without being raging nor snobbish, of course.

When you try to follow the same path for so many years sometimes you need to adjust your direction: first because you can always improve the quality of your work; second, because there’s always a chance you might end up being bored with what you’re doing. Yet, if you want to change you need to have steady feet and a wandering mind: you need to know what you’re leaving and where you’re going, even if it’s just a vague idea. We’ve already modified certain things last year, but 2015 is bringing a few more changes, too. Some took a long time to be applied, some others are just coming a bit late.

First of all, inutile will be translated into Spanish, too. Last year we started translating it into English, but now we’re adding this worldwide spoken language as well. People accessing our website from outside Italy have become more and more and we want this group to steadily grow.

We’ve improved our website and added several functions, trying to move our subscribers and readers activity here and creating a system that any device you’re using can support (be it a smartphone or a computer with a gigantic screen). This page will tell you everything about what you can do with and in our website. Just take a look around: the layout has changed and everything’s nicer and clearer now.

We want to make up for the huge delay we’ve accumulated: we’d like to begin a new era of our magazine and we certainly don’t want anything pending.

You need to have steady feet and a wandering mind in order to change. That’s also what our lovely translators need. I want to thank Elisa, Miriam, and Irene, for without their craziness this expansion beyond the language barrier would not have been possible. And thank you too: reading inutile you support this cultural world. We needed it in 2005 and we certainly need it now.

Written by Matteo Scandolin.

Originally published here.

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