Setting Archimedes loose on the Markets

In the fast-growing technological fields with high potential such as the financial markets, technology is required to constantly evolve, but the human element rarely has, sure we’ve got quicker, and we’ve coupled technology to speed up every day life routines, even building algorithms and removing the human element all together, but where we’ve struggled up until now was putting all these great advancements together and removing the human element altogether or to a degree reducing it substantially…

Technical Revolution…

However we are now in to AI territory, AI has made vast advancements in recent years, i should know, i’ve personally invested a great time, energy and money in to the development of my own project Invacio..

These last few weeks we begun trial-ing Archimedes with a small but stable ‘friends & family’ fund, essentially throwing a couple of hundred bucks in the pot and having a figure to start trading with, small, simple, easier to observe, tinker, scale and so on, thus we launched Archimedes 1, 2, and 3 into the markets.

Now i do not specifically follow every company/idea/project (Jean does mind) but for me, i am far too busy with the development to keep up with whats being launched and what’s hyperbowl, i completely missed google had not launched a video analysing AI until a year after ours was actually in the system, and the news mentioned their release, it in other words is no surprise to that a lot of tech companies are scratching themselves and trying to catch up, and in the middle of this you have a lot of hyper-bowl startups offering the earth without any clarity as to the undertaking, funny even, no small task is AI on the code side let alone the hardware side, not at scale anyway…

As mentioned in the middle of our system sit’s Jean, she comprehends everything, in-fact if you leave comments on here, she will create neural nets and spiders all around you personally (here and externally to try and derive as much information on you as machine driven possible then store you in some db somewhere and some time next year she will come across your face in a feed somewhere and know it you… intrusive, yes, well that’s the future, everything on the plate, only now it’s not ‘people’ doing it, it’s AI, there are many variations of AI and i went into them previously, let’s just say Jean is pretty gifted, and likes bitcoins (ponzi) as treats, enough to go on hacking sprees for them… anyway… Jean basically is the nuts and bolts, a comprehensive intelligent system with numerous tricks up her sleeves.

And Archimedes was meant to be a couple of reactionary bots, which we ended up coupling in to Jean, as well as Agnes (agnes is a long/short eq market projectional based system tracking some 1.5m companies) thus we were left with a hybrid bot(s) set up….

Generic overview can be found here.

Archimedes 1, 2, 3 Flow

Archimedes begins the week, it does not… it essentially stays active 24/7 however we document close of trading Friday evening, however it can continue to trade from then onwards if markets are open or other, crypto is something i despise — it’s a Ponzi, but we may even factor in, in the future.

It trades (risks) 2% of the fund on any-one trade, it can trade up to 50% of the account and only two trades are allowed per 24 hours, further no second trade can be run on the same currency within a 24 hour period.

These being rules we set in place, regardless of lost opportunities, as opportunities are like busses, they come along one after the next, or do where AI can decree them from the noise.

Year to date, Archimedes has returned 22.31% versus the S&P 500’s 12.16%, mind it’s early days, we may go up still, or even down, however very unlikely with the restrictions in place.

Mind we’ve not set an expense ratio in to the equation, however this really comes later, for now we will observe the experiment and feed out in due course, seeing how our tiniest element handles itself is going to be fun, in a few weeks we will open up a public tracking portal for this experiment, and also open-source certain elements in due-course.

If you would like to hear more of what we are building and launching too market in the future you can email Andres our COO.

If you visit our site(s) between 6pm GMT — 11PM GMT you may notice they’re up and down, that’s Jean processing 600m sat feeds through for the day, just come back later (we’re still in dev and just coming out of stealth)