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Introduction to Hybrid Finance

🏜 ⏯ 🪨 HYBRID IS FUTURE. Let's Rock’n’Roll into Next-Gen Finance.

What is Hybrid Finance (HyFi)? Hybrid Finance is an upcoming trend in the world of finance that combines the traditional financial (TradFi) system with the decentralized finance (DeFi) system. This new concept allows for both traditional and crypto investments to coexist and work together.

Yeah…if you think this new term interrupts you. Just thinking InVar Finance envisions building the bridge between TradFi and DeFi, which provides a better portal to experience DeFi, also some novel products backed by combo advantages from TradFi and DeFi. 😉

Ok…why?? I guess you have dozen of questions in your head. We want to bring value to investors, to the community, and to the people who have obstacles to accessing those advanced financial products. It’s all about financial inclusion and the solution for the current pains, check the origin of InVar Finance.

Fostering Crypto Massive Adoption, Promoting Financial Inclusion, and Experiencing Better Finance. That’s it!

Unexplored area of TradFi + DeFi

DeFi natively possesses the ability to compose with others easily, DeFi can serve as base layer to enhance financial services to more transparency and efficiency level. Besides, DeFi can also be add-on layers upon those mature TradFi vehicles and infrastructures.

The composability and interoperability of decentralized finance and blockchain technology provide unique strengths for constructing a better financial industry. Collaboration and integration with TradFi, combo advantages would happen!

Advantages of Hybrid Finance

  • More diversified portfolios
  • Better risk management
  • Access to a wider range of investment opportunities
  • More transparent and secure financial system
  • Smart contracts and blockchain technology ensure transactions are tamper-proof and immutable

That’s why we take efforts in RWA tokenization development. Developing a solid framework, tokenization model and use cases are so important for bridging TradFi into the crypto space. After that, the real hybrid financial products and services could come out into main stage.

New Branding to Next Milestone

Thence…it’s time for us to iterate the image of InVar Finance, bring the more identified visual message to people, and be iconic! 🪨😎

⬇️ New LOGO of InVar Finance

LOGO design concept & final

Check out ▶️ new branding Youtube clip

Hope you like it! As the previous announcement, we will conduct project iteration during Q2 2023, and prepare the next pipeline development and partnership building. We will try out best to achieve our milestones!!!!! We know some people are waiting for our the RWA SFT launch! Right?!

Tokenomic Framework: Token Trinity for Sustainable Economic

Tokenomic Framework Release…woohoooo 🥳🎉


After the tokenization MVP and PASS NFT launched, we are excited to release of the framework of our Tokenomic. This framework provides a clear structure of how InVar Finance builds for the tokenization and hybrid finance, and how the well-coordinated economic work through tokens role-design.

💡 About Tokenomic
Tokenomic is the study of the economic principles behind blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. It focuses on the behavior of digital assets in a decentralized financial system. By understanding these principles, we can create value for digital assets and unlock new opportunities for investors.

Like you saw, InVar Finance tokenomic will consist of three types of token, governance token, stablecoin and NFT. Each token stands for different functions and responsibilities. We believe this kind of structure could create a lot of synergy through coordination between each other. Balance!

Governance tokens ensure some power transfer to the community, the semi-decentralization mechanism, in addition to serve as an incentive for active users and contributors. Stablecoin will be the transaction medium to access exclusive financial use cases, and build interaction with other ecosystems. Then, NFT will be the on-chain credential to present your loyalty to the ecosystem, also access real-world-assets investment.

This is the preliminary framework of InVar Finance tokenomic, may have some adjustments before official tokenomic launch. Share your thoughts and questions with us if any. 😇 Let’s reveal a few details about governance tokens…

Governance Token

-InVar Power (IVP) *TBD
IVP Tokens are the backbone of InVar Finance ecosystem that act as governance and incentive tokens.

Token Utility

Our tokens have various utilities such as access to InVar Finance platform, discounted fees, governance voting rights, and staking rewards. We aim to build a robust ecosystem where our tokens can be used to access a variety of financial products and services.

  • Protocol Governance: IVP stakers can participate in voting and decision making processes within the InVarDAO. This includes deciding on protocol upgrades, fee structures, and other governance-related matters.
  • Liquidity Mining: InVar Finance incentivizes liquidity into RWA vaults through liquidity mining program. In return, liquidity providers receive IVP tokens as rewards.
  • Purchasing Power Protection: IVP is native tokens designed for InVar stablecoins adoption, and facilitates maintenance of the real purchasing power of stablecoin users to provide inflation-hedge values.
  • Other Utilities

Token Distribution

Estimated Token Allocation

Our tokens will be distributed through a fair and transparent process. We want to make sure the governance token could circular in a more healthy, valuable way. We will provide more detailed information when we are ready!

Again, the above tokenomic framework is not finalized, so, it may change according to final condition. This is not a token sale announcement, only for explaining our tokenomic and feedback collection.

To Sum Up…

We hope that the concept Hybrid Finance and tokenomics will help you understand more about us. The road still long to go, and plenty of challenges need to deal with, stand together, InVariants! 🕵🏾👨‍🔬

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