Alchemist infographics (Stats, Lore, Fun facts and much more interesting), by MoreMMR
Sep 2 · 2 min read

Alchemist is currently dominating in pubs. If the hero is not banned, he is most likely gonna be picked. The uniqueness of Alchemist is in his ability to farm super fast. Even if you dominate him on the lane, he will farm the neutral camps for 10 minutes and get out of the jungle with Radiance and Blink.

From the following infographics, you will learn the history of the hero, interesting facts from the lore, and also learn a lot about his position in meta and how to counter this farming machine!

If you want more stats on not only Alchemist but all other Dota heroes, check out the Heroes section at MoreMMR for meta analytics, stats, and even video guides which will teach you how to play like a PRO!

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