Drow Ranger Infographics (Lore, stats, trends, fun facts)

We decided to keep up with the trendy hero, and Drow Ranger is currently one of the most popular heroes among all ranks!

Changed the design and colors to make it to suit the hero style more, and also added the disadvantage coefficient and trends from DotaBuff to make it more readable. Hope you enjoy:

Data was taken from:




Also, if you are that guy who learns from PRO replays, here are 3 Immortal rank Drow replays you may find interesting:

  1. Match ID: 4267219318 (Rank 275 Drow VS canceL on Anti Mage)
  2. Match ID: 4267747917 (Rank 200 Drow VS FWD.SVG on Chen)
  3. Match ID 4267348083 (Mski.Kpii on Drow)

Feel free to share your thoughts on the infographics and what should we also add to those stats and lore to make them better.

If you want to see more similar infographics, check out the blog where we post stuff like this.

Which hero should we make the next one about?