Lil (ex-Virtus.Pro & NA’VI) made a guide for one of his legendary signature heroes — Visage, and made it exclusively for MoreMMR!

Ilya “Lil” Iluk is known as one of the best Visage players in the world. Back in days, when many Dota fans were waiting for him to unleash his main signature hero in every professional match, it was pure pleasure to watch Ilya performing on such a complicated hero, which can destroy the enemies very fast on the early stages, but requires very high level of individual skill!

Some Statistics:

  • On his main account, Lil has 362 games on Visage, and Ilya won 65.5% of those matches, with 3.95 Avg. KDA!
  • On the professional scene Lil had 82 games on Visage, and he has 59% winrate in those matches with Avg. KDA of 4.13!

Lil has not been playing Visage in his professional matches for a while, as he mainly plays supports now, but Visage was not changed much since then, so the skill did not vanish, and Ilya still knows what the hero should be doing and what is his maximum potential. It is also always very interesting to check out the perception of a real professional player on the game and expand your vision on Dota, as Lil notices many aspects, which most of the players, talents and commentators usually miss.

It is even more interesting, as the game he is analysing is the Team Liquid vs Virtus Pro (the team which kicked Lil) at the China Supermajor final!

Lil is going to show us what Liquid.Matumbaman did right and wrong, and why Virtus pro lost this game (Ooops, spoiler)

Get some cookies and tea, and enjoy the professional analytics from Lil! Learn many new tricks for Visage and general macro tips. Maybe, it is time to chose yourself a new favorite hero to play and rank up on Visage!

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