Neural Network has learned to predict the TI8 winners. And has launched a prediction contest! team has already revealed one of the new features before, that could tell you about which one of the PRO-players you play like. And now, it’s time for the second (and the biggest one) release!

This time, our development team and us have created an interesting feature, which has analyzed a huge amount of professional matches and the individual players taking part in them.

And now we have gathered enough courage to predict the winners of The International 8 in every match!

But that’s not all of it, of course. To make it more interesting and exciting for our subscribers, we have launched a prediction contest for TI8, with a lot of very cool prizes. We’ve got the Warp gaming chair, a set of devices from HyperX, Arcane items, and a whole bunch of discounts, bonuses and gold for

But how do you get the prize? Easy!

  1. Go to this page;
  2. Predict the winners for every match;
  3. Watch your stats in the Rating section;
  4. Make the most accurate predictions, and win your prizes :)

And now, we’ll get back to our prediction machine, and will let our developers say a couple of words about it :)

What does it analyse, and how does it make a prediction

We have uploaded more than 2 000 official tournament matches into the model. It was then teaching itself to predict the chance of victory, using specific end values of the match. We are talking about both the team cooperation, and the individual values for each player.

What kind of resources does it take to perform such an analysis?

The meta of the game is changing constantly, so we couldn’t use too much data for this model. The result of it is that it all works quite quickly, using a single processor to complete every task.

But we also received some help from the experts. The first version of the model had to be retaught (It has put the team Pain Gaming to it’s top 4 list). It turned out that some of the matches uploaded into the machine were a part of weaker bracket qualification matches. So, after a bit of rough filtering, the model has started to function a lot better.

Does it work? How accurate is it?

Well, we hope for the best :D The model couldn’t find some sort of a wild card in the end: The teams which were doing great for the entire season are the frontrunners of the current tournament. That being the teams PSG, VP, Team Liquid and Team Secret.

Will make use of it?

This time, we have managed to create a player skill range, and determine the strongest midlaners/carries of this tournament. We can develop this feature further for use in our service. For example, we can compare the matches of the usual public players, find out who are the best, make the personalized recommendations for the new players etc.

Thanks, Alex :)

So there it is. Now go, and try to beat our prediction machine:!

P.S. Have fun watching The International 8!