MoreMMR Prediction AI is back for The Kuala Lumpur Major!

A few months have passed since The International 2018, the biggest Esports event of the year where we first introduced our prediction AI! The neural network made its predictions for the group stage and the playoffs. Our AI took the honorable 12th place among 6000 MoreMMR users, who also made their bets on every match of TI8, and guessed 12/22 playoff matches correctly.

Today, with the playoffs of the first Major tournament of the season in Kuala Lumpur, MoreMMR Prediction AI is back!

First Day Summary: Three Hits, One Miss

November 12 Playoff Bracket Predictions

Our AI’s debut on this tournament was pretty successful, three out of four predictions guessed right. Our “Digital Nostradamus” made its bet on Team Secret, who did not leave a single chance to Vici Gaming. This match was the hardest one in the upper bracket to predict, while the match PSG.LGD VS Alliance ended with the result obvious for both, machines and humans, 2:0 for Chinese favorites of this Major. Even though our machine did not give a lot of chances for PSG.LGD on the past TI8, on Kuala Lumpur Major our AI decided that this team has the most chances to win the tournament.

As for the lower bracket, Pain X handled the pressure of single elimination with the Venomancer on midlane, and Tigers strategy of heroes with strong massive Ultimates did not work, as our AI predicted. The second match between Pain Gaming and TNC Predator proved that this meta is all about pick and laning stages. Outdraft, outplay, and Pain Gaming is out of the first Major of this season. First mistake of our neural Network on this tournament, which will only make the AI smarter.

Day Two: AI gives no hope for CIS region

November 12 Playoff Bracket Predictions

After TI8 results, our AI decided to trust less in CIS teams, and it is predicting that Virtus Pro will lose to Fnatic, so as that Gambit will not beat Ninjas in Pyjamas. The developer of AI, Alex, who is a big fan of Virtus Pro, has very mixed emotions about this stalemate, as even if his team wins, his AI loses. As for the rest of the Dota fans, those matches will be just interesting to watch!

It is more interesting to watch the games when you made a bet on your favorite, even if you did not bet any real money! You can compete with the machine and place your bets on your favorites for free in our prediction contest! There is a prize pool of $1000 in Steam cards, and our friends from HyperX and Vertagear have prepared their coolest devices for the top predictors!

Who is your favorite for this Major?

What do you think of the AI predictions in general? Can they work in Esports and regular sports?