Necrophos Infographics by MoreMMR: Lore, facts, stats and much more!

Necrophos is one of the most popular heroes among all ranks, and his win rate is also very descent among all ranks. In this infographics, you will read the story of Necrophos, learn what heroes counter him and what are the best heroes to pick Necro in a team with!

Necrophos suits the current meta fairly well. As we see from the stats above, it is an exceptionally versatile hero, capable of playing any role he wants, including all of the three core ones. But, you need to make a choice! A well-executed and thought-out Necrophos can pretty much carry the entire match single-handedly. And to see how well all of that works when he is dominating, take a look at the match played by Fata from Team Secret, against VGJ.Storm and during the playoffs for The International 2018. There is a lot to learn for a Necrophos player!

Also, check out the best games section of Necrophos page at MoreMMR to see how PROs play this hero is all details!

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