How to play Sven Dota 2 Guide: Infographics (Meta, Lore, interesting stats, fun facts, and laning) Patch 7.21d
May 17 · 2 min read

Keeping up with the trendy heroes, we chose Sven for our new infographics, as his pickrate and winrate seem to rise and fall like your heart rate when playing Dota. Hero also got pretty popular among the PROs lately not only on offlane (VP were playing their Epicenter quals today VS Winstrike with Ramzes on Sven for 2 games in a row)

Hope you enjoy the graphing:

Data was taken from: — trends and counters — Lore, and facts

As usual, I will leave a few replays of high MMR pubs with impressive Sven plays:

  1. (4277906180) @WagaGaming on Sven (18/3/17) vs Dusa mid (with Rapier bought on Sven at the end)
  2. (4266541963) NoobFromEU on Sven (8/2/17) on offlane
  3. (4406895364) Wellness on Sven (17/1/17) on offlane

For more PRO and high MMR replays, visit our Best Matches section, and learn from the very best!

Any ideas why the pickrate of Sven jumps that much lately?

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